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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

HAUL! LAST in a long long time.

Gia wanted to see my my haul from March 30, so here it is! :D I was out with my college BFF, Sam. We were at Trinoma to watch Monsters vs. Aliens (it was such a cute, funny movie too!) and afterwards we went looking around and shopping in general. This is what happened: 

Major haul! Total damage was around or over 3k...P999 for the Elianto brush set, P445 for the MaxFactor panstik concealer (noveau beige), P355 for TheFaceShop makeup primer in green, P99 for the Elianto sponges--8 in total, P1330 for the Ellana stuff (this includes my previous haul). My wallet hurts...and now I've promised myself I won't be spending anything for a long long time.

So anyway, I was so happy to get all that stuff, so of course I used the Ellana foundie+finishing powder and the TFS primer immediately (oh and also the Ellana blush in Lust). I was doing a practice look, you know, just for fun. This is the stuff I used for my eyes:

ArtDeco eye primer, CS 88 matte palette, Elianto shimmer e/s in Ivory, Elianto brushes, Elianto stay-on eyeliner, Cinema Secrets mascara in black

I decided I would try to do a pink/purple look to celebrate my late coming into kikayness (labo, haha)...this is the look! I tried to do a cut-crease thing, I'm not so sure I pulled it off.

(Please excuse the gross clothes xD I was dressed for comfort since I was just at home)

So what do you think about the look? I know my eyes are wonky again, for some reason only one gets puffy (either left or right) when I lack sleep (which is always). Pshhh. Oh and I wasn't wearing lippie in those pics yet, I kinda forgot to put some on. O.o;;


Anonymous said...

lol wow now that's a haul! XD the 7 pcs. brush set in elianto is 699 i didn't find yours hehe. I have the same base make-up from TFS. Your blending is so cooool! I have small crease area so I can't really do much. ahehe Joo rock! \m/ I haven't tried using sponges to apply my make up hmm. I wonder :p I should try buying hehe I am too stingy to buy sponges

Ida said...

hi! how's the elianto brush set? i like ellana too. following your blog :)

Chrissy said...

Gia, thanks haha. I practice...it was kinda harder to blend with the ArtDeco base at first but then I figured it out. Patting the color on then sweeping over is best. I wish I had bigger lid space so I could do much cooler things. XD

Ida, thanks for following my blog! Ellana is cool. :D The Elianto brush set is good so far, I will do a review once I wash the brushes.

Cara Uymatiao said...

Hey Chrissy!!! Wow! Looks like a nice set.. *Is overwhelmed by so many colors* I'll add you to my blogroll on my wordpress, okay? :) I'll also subscribe to your feed! :D

Oh, and maybe you can teach me how to put on makeup XD And maybe you could provide a macro shot :)

Catmare said...

I didn't know there's Ellana in Trinoma. Thanks for posting, I'll look for it next time I go there =)

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