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Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm a little bit disappointed.

So I realized that I should check around for sales... And I thought I'd check out the NYX site.

I always like looking at their sale items, but then I browsed around the site and found out that they don't ship internationally. THIS SUCKS, because I want to try NYX products, and...well... the sales are so good (From 70-90% off!)! Oh well, at least I'll get to save my money, right? And I was halfway through checkout, too. :(

But for those who are interested and have the means, NYX has an April sale (valid from April 10-30). Here's what's on sale:

And you can shop around here.

I'm sad, but I'll have my NYX! Someday~

To console myself, I did something bad. Haha. I went shopping online (for the first time) on MakeupMasala.com because I read so much good feedback about Toma and her shop before. I really hope I have a good experience with her too, and I hope she stocks up other stuff! I just dropped $21.23 on stuff, and--free shipping, so yay! I'm so excited about the stuff I got. You'll find out what soon, I hope.

What about you, what've you been shopping around for lately? :)


mszcheysser said...

Hey dear! :)

Thanks for befriending me on blogger!

WTH? They don't send to the Philippines, but I guess so, I was surprised that they shipped to Guam. I was shocked!

Anyways, I know how you feel about the limited make up and the shipping. UGH! They're so stingy with their stingy. LOL.

Maybe one day.. we can send each other packages! (Not now obviously, but hopefully one day!) I'll send you NYX! Lol. Or just even a small one! ^_____^ I wouldn't mind helping a fellow kapabayan getting her NYX.

I love your blog! YOUR LAYOUT IS SUPER CUTE. I'm so lazy to fix mine! Huhuhu.


Chrissy said...

Oh wow, thanks for befriending me back!

It's really hard living in places that people hardly know about, isn't it? But at least Guam is a US territory (right?) so you have bigger chances of having stuff available there!

Packages sound really good! Someday~ haha. I'm preeeetty much broke right now. Gotta save up first. And thanks so much for the offer, that would be really great!

If you want graphics for your blog, just let me know. :) I would be glad to help!

Crystal said...

i saw this sale too and i so so so want it, but yeah, NYX doesn't ship to the phils! i guess i'll just have to wonder...

Chrissy said...

It's a bit depressing, isn't it? :(

maika said...

whaaaa awww that sucks ! but i've been shopping for more eyeshadows at mac lately ; mostly buying 2-3 at a time just so i can get my collection up you know ?

Chrissy said...

At least you have access to MAC! XD I do but I can't afford it. :(

I totally know how it is with the collection. My mom thinks I'm totally crazy for blowing most of my spare money on makeup! (Maybe I am! ...nah. ;])

Diane said...

Thanks for following. I want those NYX!

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