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Friday, April 17, 2009

I had loads of fun! :D (Hangout + Makeup)

My eye hurts--not because I poked myself with brush or eyeliner or anything (I got past that)... it's just that I was wearing my glasses and playing with the puppy...and she hit my glasses and bam! The nosepiece hit my eye and I was wincing and tearing up like a maniac. Sighhhh, accidents, accidents. Bleh!

I had so so so much fun today! Class was okay, not so boring but we were really challenged to think. And I didn't really mind so much--I didn't think political science would be anything but boring but maybe I was wrong. Who knows, maybe I really can achieve my dream of a 4.0 QPI (aka GPA) this summer term.

Anyway, today Kaila came over for our hang out and stuff and it was way fun--I totally missed her! We were bonding over old memories and talking about life in general, watching Enchanted and Mr. Bean while we (well I) played around with makeup... I'm jealous of her, she's got good skin. x.x Mine sucks like whoa.

First I did a neutral look on her--omg finally a neutral look from me! Haha. It seems that ever since I got my CS palette I couldn't stop playing with colors. Here are pictures:

I used: The Face Shop makeup primer in green, Ellana mineral foundation in toffee mocha, Ellana blush in fulfillment, ELF blush in glow, CS 88 palette, MAC Bagatelle e/s, Elianto stay-on eyeliner, Cinema Secrets mascara

Isn't she pretty? :D

And of course, I had to do my own makeup (I think I might make a tutorial on this later...or make it another entry for a contest, idk! Maybe tomorrow...). Kaila was playing around with my camera and she took a shot of me while I was doing my face... you can see how messy my room is! XD

Why yes I do have a couch setup in my bedroom! XD

And this is what came out of my playing around with makeup on myself:

I used: TFS makeup primer in green, Ellana mineral foundie in hazelnut latte + finishing powder in espresso con panna, generic blush, Maybelline concealer+purple lipgloss on lips for nude effect, Eyes: PAC e/s in blue, coastal scents palette, elianto stay-on eyeliner, Cinema Secrets mascara.

Of course we had to have a picture together...

Then Kaila also wanted a rainbow look on her (I don't really think I did that well :() So I did my best! Here is the outcome: I used VOV e/s and my coastal scents 88 palette--we just erased her neutral e/s. Didn't wanna bother with putting foundation all over her face again. Haha.

Excuse the poor quality, I forgot to mess with the settings and take another picture--wth Chrissy? D:

And of course, more girl bonding + camwhoring! Messy hair is due to electric fan pointed directly at us.

I'm really glad I got to hang out with an old friend today. :) How did you spend your day?

On a sidenote--Cheysser I will do the random 7 things tomorrow! I don't have room for it in this post. XD <3


Crystal said...

great FOTDs sis!

Chrissy said...

Thaaaaanks! :D

Anonymous said...

lol my friends ask me to do their make up as well XD it's cool if you ask me :D nice FOTD! your friend looks cute XDD couch inside the room?? awesome! XD i only have a bed and a big cabinet @__@ i do everything else in our living room lel XD

Chrissy said...

Yes definitely cool--free practice! Lol. And it's fun fun too.

Couch inside the room is only good for when friends are over. Haha. But I do most the stuff at my room unless it's really really hot or I wanna watch TV or both. :P

Krystal said...

thats so cool, a couch inside your room, wow i wish i had a couch in my room! btw, nice fotd!

Chrissy said...

Well I only managed to get a couch in my room because we bought a new sala set and had nowhere to put the old one! XD

Krystal said...

heyy thanks for the comment,well that maybelline makeup is a finishing powder, and i like it, doesnt give me that cakey look, i dont put much, i just use my kabuki to apply it.

Sarah said...

You are both so gorgeous! And your photo's together are adorable! Love your blog!!!
Btw, your friend has got beautiful skin, but so do you!!!! : )

Iyah said...

awww prettyyy!!! :D Love both looks :D

I hope your eye is all better by now :D

Chrissy said...

@Krystal - Oh, was that the one that had a baby buki free with it? My cousin has one--I'll ask her if I can give it a try.

@Sarah - Thanks! Her skin is great but mine is far from perfect, but thankfully it has really really improved! :)

@Iyah - Thank you thank you! Yes my eye is all better now but still puffy. Pfff. At least I hadn't gone blind, right?

Vanessa M. said...

blue + you = hawt!

Chrissy said...

Aw, thanks. :D

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