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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Green party look tutorial

Today was a great day, despite the fact that it was still stormy and rainy and of course, gloomy. I'm still procrastinating, but I'm having loads of fun doing it so I feel a lot better and much less stressed. We all need a break, right?

Since my dad arrived home from the province in June, we have practically been going out every weekend. Today my parents (and brother) and I went to SM North Edsa, a mall I practically grew up in (as it is rather close and accessible to my home). I wasn't supposed to, but the power went out so what the heck was I supposed to do at home? I had a party to go to but I had to cancel (sadly).

So when I got home, I decided to play with makeup and make a tutorial of the look I would have worn out tonight. Here's the look:

Playing with makeup made me feel much better! And I was glad to see my eyes were actually even today (neither one was puffy) because I got the right amount of sleep last night. More than actually, since I slept 12 hours. LOL.

Anyway, moving on to the tutorial! Haha.

First and foremost, prime your eyelids! Of course this step is optional, and you can use whatever shadow base/primer you want but today I used Urban Decay's primer potion (courtesy of Noia). It was my first time working with it and let me just say I love it--wow finally getting on the bandwagon right? LOL. Now I gotta find where I can buy it for cheap. x.x

And now for step 2! Get Mineraux's eyeshadow in soft green (by the way Mineraux's website is finally up! The whole month of July everything is off 20% so take advantage of the sale!!). Using your favorite eyeshadow brush, pat and sweep it onto your eyelid up to the crease.

Using a pencil brush, also put soft green on the lower lashline.

Then grabbing a crease brush, get a good amount of Jesse's Girl eyeshadow (shown below) and sweep it onto your outer V and crease.

Blend out any harsh lines, bringing the color above the crease. (Yellow line on below image shows where eyeshadow was applied)

Using a fluffier eyeshadow brush, get a good amount of Jesse's Girl eyeshadow (shown below).

Sweep the eyeshadow lightly under the brow and into the inner corner as highlight, again blending out any harsh lines.

Next, line your eyes and apply mascara.

And we're done! Now for the rest of my face. :)

On my face I used Celeteque facial moisturizer as base and Ellana Minerals foundation in hazelnut latte and finishing powder in espresso con panna. On my cheeks I used Mineraux blush in raspberry. On my lips I used PAC lipstick in misty brown.

That's it for today! I hope you all are having a great weekend! :)


Sofie said...

Gorgeous! You pull of green so well!

becky said...

very pretty!!!! The green looks really nice on you. This is defintely a party look!

izumi said...

verrryyy pretty :) i love the green on you~ too bad about you having to cancel :( but you would've looked awesome had you gone! <3

mszcheysser said...

So pretty (: I miss seeing your FOTD. And I miss going to SM, but I never been to the North Edsa one. I love how it has everything! Haha.

RYC: Yes! I got your email! Sorry, I didn't reply back to confirm that I got it. Lol, oh yeah, by the way, CONGRATS ON WINNING MY CONTEST! Haha :]

Askmewhats said...

green looks great on yoU :D

tiff said...

This is so pretty! The colors in that quad look great too :).

Crystal said...

i love this! it's colorful but still wearable.

Iyah said...

you have a very flawless skin!! :) I love the green eyeshadow on you!! :D

Shantee said...

very pretty!
I love how you put that
gold color instead of black. :)

Chrissy said...

@Sofie - Thanks, I didn't really think I'd pull green off but I guess it works for me huh. :D

@Becky - It is definitely a party look, subtle but smoky and shimmery. Too bad I didnt' get to wear it out. :(

@Izumi - Thanks, I still feel awful that I had to cancel. :(

@Cheysser - You should see the North Edsa one. It is MASSIVE. Lol! It has everything in it. Well. Most everything. And thanks! :D

@Askmewhats - Thank you. :D

@Tiff - Thanks, and I do agree the colors in the quad are really nice, and perfect for a quick look if you're in a hurry. :D

@Crystal - yeah I'm doing more wearable looks now. Hehe. Thanks sis.

@Iyah - Oh if you only knew how terrible my skin is XD But thanks hehe.

@Shantee - I thought it would look more elegant than black. :) Besides it was a bit of a green-hued gold so it went perfectly. Thanks!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

You look great, I love the color combo with the green on you!

Sofee said...

thats such a pretty and sexy look on u..u look great!!

Whit said...

great tutorial babe!!!!! I really like greens on you!!

Chrissy said...

Thank you Sofee and Whit! :)

Melissa said...

I love the earthy colors! Your eyes are so pretty!

Lizzard said...

beautiful! what's that quad-shadow? it's very pretty

CHARRY said...

green looks good on you =)very pretty.

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