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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brand Focus: Shawill (Reviews)

Hey again, everyone!

So okay, I've been busy lately, but sembreak is fast approaching so when it gets there I hope to be blogging (almost) everyday. I'll do my best.

But anyway, here is a brand that I think deserves much attention.

I just started seeing this brand Shawill around lately, I think it's only been around for a year or so. I first caught sight of it at Watson's Gateway, and at first I ignored them because their offerings seemed a bit like a rip-off. They had cream eyeshadows (single) running for P128 each (roughly $2.70) that were a lot like G-Lish's, so I didn't bother to try them.

Eventually, I found Shawill at Landmark Trinoma, with a better display and new items. So I had to get some stuff.

At first I only bought a lipgloss (priced at P128) and a lip balm (P98).

But today, my parents and I were at the mall. While my mom was off looking around for home decor and my dad was looking for a new LCD TV/Monitor, I of course was at the cosmetics department.

Imagine my surprise when I saw new Shawill products! They had 12 eyeshadow palettes and new lipglosses so I had to stop by and just check everything out. Luckily the SA, Ate Paula, was very nice and accommodating.

And so without further ado, here are my purchases (including the lipgloss and lipbalm I got before):

isn't the e/s palette (Shawill 12 color palette #1) totally cute? :D

Inside shot of the palette, no flash. The place where the applicator is on is a mirror

with flash

swatches, no flash, no base underneath. 1 swipe each

swatches with flash, still no base, still 1 swipe each

My thoughts about the eyeshadow palette:
  • The packaging is cute and seemingly sturdy
  • There is a mirror in the palette albeit a bit small (although it's long so you can see both eyes and make sure your eyeshadow is even!)
  • The price -- 148php for 12 eyeshadows? WOW! That's 12php for each one. In $, roughly...
    a quarter each
  • Pretty pigmented
  • Different types of palettes to choose from (at the Shawill display there were neutrals and colorful palettes. There are also 6 e/s palettes)
  • Very shimmery
  • Very blendable
  • Good that there is a black and a white and many matchable shades
  • Expiry date on the bottom of the palette (although..I'm not sure if I believe it. It says it expires on 2017. Whaaaat!)


  • When you first open the palette, it is overwhelmingly glittery!! But, it turns out it is only the top layer with glitter. Once you get to the eyeshadow it's all nicely frost-finished
  • Can be a bit hard to pick up with a brush
  • The packaging says 12 color cream eyeshadow, although the eyeshadow is clearly powder
  • Also, grammatical error on the packaging (understandable--it is packaged in China but made in Italy)

WILL I REPURCHASE? If need be, yes. But I want to pick up the other palettes, since this one shows so much promise! I am loving it.

Shawill blush in #1, white dot at the center was because the blush is domed and was hitting the lid

included mirror and brush in a compartment

swatch, accurate with flash

My thoughts on the blush:
  • VERY VERY VERY pigmented. A little goes a long way. Too much and you look like a clown
  • Mirror included in the packaging
  • Nice amount of product for the price
  • Cheap (128php, roughly $2.50-$2.70)
  • So far the blush pops up on my cheeks and stays even though I'm really oily (it's been 2 hours since I applied it, but while I was at the mall the SA applied it on my cheeks and it stayed for 3 hours till I removed it)


  • Limited shades available, and when I was there there were only 2 available. Others were OOS
  • Packaging is nice but flimsy to the touch
  • Brush included is useless, sheds like crazy

WILL I REPURCHASE? I'd be interested to try it in other shades.

lip balm swatch. effect: sheer, reddish tinge to lips

lipgloss #3

lipgloss #3 swatched on lips--effect: glossy, shimmery wash of pink

lipgloss #11

swatch of lipgloss #11 on lips. effect: shimmery gloss, sheer with barely there pink

My thoughts on the lip balm and lip glosses:


  • Cheap. lip balm costs 98php, lip gloss #3 10 ml costs 128php and lipgloss #11 7ml with Vitamin E costs 128php
  • Very shimmery, gives off a nice effect
  • Not sticky!! I think this is very important for lipglosses because sticky l/g's make me go "ugh"
  • The lip balm applies nicely and gives a subtle glow and nice shine to lips
  • The shine of the lipbalm isn't so intense that it looks like you just ate something greasy
  • Stays on relatively well (until you eat, pretty much like other glosses)
  • Different shades to choose from (4 are available for the lip balm, manyyyy are available for the glosses)
  • Lip glosses have very nice packaging
  • Light, pleasant scent and taste for the lip glosses :)


  • The lip balm's packaging fades, but it is good and sturdy otherwise
  • Strange price discrepancy for the lip glosses--the 10 ml is cheaper! But maybe it's because the 7ml has vitamin E (supposedly)
  • The lip balm will run out fast! (at least for those who are as obsessed with keeping lips moisturized as me)
  • Some lip glosses are so sheer that they end up looking all the same on the lips. Maybe it was the lighting. I'll have to go back and check.

WILL I REPURCHASE? Yesssssssss! I'll buy more lipglosses, I think I want to own all the shades someday, at least the ones that seem different from each other. Lol.

Yeah, so that's pretty much it for my Shawill purchases! I hope you ladies in the Philippines find this helpful. :) When you see this brand around, check it out and grab some of their stuff! I mostly stuck with the eyeshadows/blush/lip stuff because I think their powder foundations had fragrance in it. So I avoided it. Haha. Otherwise... I give Shawill a 4/5, for something in its price range it is very very good! (-1 pt for shoddy spelling/grammar on packaging and excessive fragrance in some products..also because I haven't tried everything and can't tell if it's all good, lol).

Thanks for reading!!


Catherine said...

Oh, these products look so interesting! The eyeshadow palette is really cute and that blush has impressive pigmentation! It reminds me of the Chanel JCs in packaging design.

Hope you are doing well and look forward to hearing more from you over your break! =)

rayqueenbee said...

Interesting products and the palette is super pretty. wow!!

Pammy said...

I have the No. 3 blush and it is pretty and pigmented. Looks natural when applied with a stippling brush. :)

For the price, the quality is good. Hopefully, the ingredients or stuff used are all safe for the skin. :)

izumi said...

ooo love the colors :) :)

Khymm said...

wow ang ganda ng eye palette and blush!

CHARRY said...

cute eye palette :)

Sarah said...

Wow those eyeshadows are so bright and pretty! And the lipgloss looks gorgeous on your lips too :)

donnarence said...

the blush look sooo pretty!!

purplesilke said...

that lip balm looks nice. i don't see shawill at sm southmall. hmm..

Chrissy said...

@Catherine - I agree the blush is very pigmented! It's kinda hard to control just how much goes on my cheeks, haha. I can't wait for break so I can catch up!!

@Rayqueenbee - I know, the palette is amazing! I'm saving up and going back for the rest. I love them!

@Pammy - For the price, the quality is more than good! Hehe. I agree with you though, I hope the ingredients are safe.

@Izumi - So do I!

@Khymm - I know, right? Hehe.

@Charry - Don't you just love it?

@Sarah - Thanks. :D

@Donnarence - Try mo!!!

@Purplesilke - Aw, sayang naman. I hope you get to try it!

Crystal said...

i tried the lipglosses and they're nice nga! i just don't like the smell too much.

Anonymous said...

wow nice review I love it.. the lipgloss looks pretty your lips :) plus its cheap yun un eh :P .I wanted to try it thanks for the review I don't like sticky lipgloss din -_-

probably the number 1 reason why you didn't see my updates was bcuz I changed my URL..dati kasi chulalouise.blogspot.com then naging chulalouie without s I dunno kung naeedit yun sa dashboard di ko alam :C pero sa blogroll pwede :) kaya pla minsan ka na lang visit :C

♥ mia said...

hey great finds! :) that palette is such a steal! and the lipglosses look yummy!

new follower :)

Chrissy said...

@Crystal - Really? That's too bad. Personally I kinda liked the smell.

@Louie - Kaya naman pala sis e... :( I followed your new URL na, sana I'll see your updates on my dashboard!!

@Mia - Yeah, thep palettes are such a steal! When I have money I am SO going back for the rest of them. :D

jecka said...

i have d shawill eyeshadow #2.. i buy it in Landmark tRinoma.. reaLLy kyUt.. hehe.. n aLso d LipbaLm #4 n bLusher #03.. maganda cheap pa..

Anna said...

Hi Chrissy! I went to watsons yesterday and surprised that they have Shawill already! :P Unfortunate of me, the 12 eyeshadow pallete is sold out. :(

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