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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Coastal Scents/Dollface 28 Neutral Palette Review, and Tagged!

Hi again, everyone! How are you all today? Thankfully my cold is starting to subside, and I can breathe again (but now my stomach is acting up, grr). Thanks to everyone who wished me to get well soon. :) I really appreciate it.

Anyway, today I finally got my Dollface 28 Neutral Palette (and yes it is the same as the Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Palette) and my Dollface black gel eyeliner. I was so excited to get it, I actually sat by the window so I could look out and see if there was anyone at the gate...every noise made me look/peek! It's sad, I know, but I was really excited. Hehe. Couldn't help it! When the Air21 delivery guy finally arrived I was practically squealing with happiness.

Kudos to Pearl of Dollface Cosmetics for packing everything up so nicely! Look at all that bubblewrap~

Black gel eyeliner (a bit of a toughie to open but I love how well-protected it is)

The 28 palette. As you may notice there was some moisture around some of the e/s pots...but that was quickly wiped away. Another thing you may notice is the fact that the tray in which the pots are sitting in is not plastic, it is cardboard. I love that it's sort of a 'green' effort, but...I wonder if it'll keep like that?

Of course, I have swatches for you! Sorry my arms are a bit hairy. :( Swatches are by row. One swipe each.

Of course, here is my review!

I like:
  • Very very good value for money! 
  • Good range of colors--highlight and contouring as well
  • Good balance between matte and shimmer e/s
  • Good color pigmentation for most e/s
  • Glides on smoothly, very blendable
  • Big e/s pots, as big as a five peso coin or a VOV single e/s pot
  • Thin and sleek, easy to tote around if you're travelling somewhere
  • The cute Dollface Cosmetics sticker at the front of the palette

I don't like:
  • The packaging of the product--I'm still wondering why the inside isn't plastic. Maybe it is, just the thin sort of plastic? Oh well. ^_^
  • No mirror in the case!
  • Looks fragile
  • Pigmentation of e/s was inconsistent--some very pigmented (i.e. dark & shimmery colors), some not so pigmented and hardly showed up (whites, etc)
All in all I think:
  • This is a really good palette, and while I am disappointed in some aspects, I am happily soothed in other aspects. I'm glad I got it, and I can't wait to play with it!
Will I repurchase?
  • Yes! If I ever need to again, haha. I don't think I'd be able to use all the e/s up though. XD
Again, thank you to Pearl of Dollface Cosmetics for a good experience in general. You can buy this palette and other Coastal Scents palettes from her at a significantly cheaper price at: 

(She is based here in the Phils)

Moving on, the lovely Ms. Cheysser tagged me, so now I have to show you my meager but growing  makeup collection! I have more things on the way (shipping takes a while) so I can't wait to add all that to my stuff. But still... I'm practically ashamed considering all the makeup you gals have. >.<

At least my makeup collection has moved from this:

Into... this! (thus displacing and making my sewing supplies homeless for now) [I used to keep my makeup in a traincase but I didn't want to wear it out! :(]

And the contents:

Top drawer:

face stuff (concealers, foundations/powders, blushes, mu removers, wipes, primer, bronzer)

2nd Drawer:

Lip stuff! One day I will have enough lip stuff to fill the entire drawer >:]

Third drawer:
On top: repurposed utensil tray. I used it to store my brushes (center), sponges (top), mascara, eyeliner pencils (right) and single e/s + lancome quad +e/s base + gel eyeliner in the left side.

Under it is this: my 3 pairs of falsies, my 3 palettes (PAC, CS 88 matte, CS/DF 28 neutral, 2 quads)

And that concludes this post. :) Gia, I tag you for this one. :P Oh, and I tag anyone else who wants to do it! Show your makeup collection!

Anyway, I have to go to bed now. Have a nice day, ladies! Leave me some love. :P

♥ Chrissy


Catherine said...

I love waiting for mail! It's so frustrating but exciting at the same time! And lol, your collection is so cute and I think it's barely smaller than mine! I have more brushes b/c I'm obsessed w/ them but I really like small collections better. Easier to use, navigate and take care of. =) When I started collecting, I vowed that I'd never outgrow my little drawer.

Chrissy said...

Catherine, I know! But at least your wait is much much shorter...I have to wait at least two weeks for an international order! My last order had me waiting an entire month. :( I do agree with the small collections thing, and I did try to swear to myself that I wouldn't outgrow the drawers I have now. But if I do I'm sure it will take years. Although I do think that if you organize well enough even the biggest mu collection can be navigable ;)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i know the feeling of waiting for packages...
you get so excited that everytime the dog barks or someone knocks you would rush out & see if its the Air21 guy...hahaha

Maybe someday ill try the that palette too.

Great review!

Mary said...

I'm happy to have found your blog through Brooke! Your make-up collection is definitely growing from your first pic :) Don't feel bad about getting excited, we all understand and feel the same way!

Chrissy said...

@ Thiamere - That was exactly how I was. It was sad, too. Every time the doorbell rang I was like, YAY OMG and then I see that it really was just my brother or a neighbor. :( Sad sad. But I got my order, so yay! Do try the palette, you might like it. :)

@Mary - Thanks for visiting my blog! Brooke was really sweet to post my blog's link up on hers. :) And yes, my makeup collection is growing!! I'm just waiting for the new additions to the 'family'. And well, I have this little issue with getting too excited! XD

Pop Champagne said...

wow you are so neat, and I love your palette :) And I hope you get your order soon!

Chrissy said...

Oh it just looks like I'm neat! Half the time my room is in shambles. Haha~

Thanks, I hope I get it soon, too!

donnarence said...

nice haul! and demm you're so orderly.. hehe i love the plastic drawers for storage of makeup.. it looks really neat..

DeBi said...

wow!!! how was it? i did love mine...super!
got high when i got mine...hehehe
i am now on the verge of buying the gel liners from her.

Chrissy said...

@ Donnarence - Thanks! And no, I'm not really very orderly...well of course I get all "OC" about how my stuff is organized but nothing stays that way! Lol.

@DeBi - I do think I'll like mine. I'm trying the gel liner I got later! :D

Ida said...

i too, know that feeling of waiting for packages. especially if it's international and 2 weeks have passed and the package isn't here yet i'm always waiting for the mailman. lol.

your palette is pretty, and i like how you organized your stuff, like with the white fence-like thing :)

Anonymous said...

Hi!!=] thanks for the dropping by! Ohhh that palette is so pretty! A wide range of neutrals! I like your make up drawer coz you can fit so much in it! Take care!

Anastacia said...

I like posts like this!
Like to watch collections!
And your sooo nice!
Great post!

Crystal said...

i agree about you comments about the palette but it's still a good buy!

Chrissy said...

@Ida - Thanks, I got the divisions for only 88 pesos at the Japan 88 store!

@Miss Katin - Thanks. :)

@Anastacia - I definitely like looking at collections too!

@Crystal - It definitely is still a good buy.

beauty cosmetics said...

Your collections are great! I love it! Each products are great!

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