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Friday, October 23, 2009

A tip for [online] shoppers

Since my birthday is on the 8th of November, I've already been looking around for new phones to replace my old, outdated ones (I've had to use two because reception on 1 isn't very good, and battery life on the other isn't very good). And for once, I'm looking into getting something more high end. So you can understand why I might be hesitant about just going out and buying the next shiny thing that I see in a store--after all I'll still be spending my saved up money for it, I mean if my parents allow me to buy it (can't wait until I actually earn my own money to spend!).

Thankfully there are a lot of websites on the internet that help with finding products and reviews so I can't go wrong with my purchase. I have been using Pebble.com for about a week now, and it is actually a good service that allows me to ask questions about certain products and get answers from people who know more about it. For those who are in the US or are not very hesitant about buying things online, Pebble also allows you to compare prices for whatever it is you are going to purchase.

Personally, it also helps that the design of the website appeals to my designer side. Haha.

Anyway, I have found Pebble incredibly useful for looking up cosmetics/makeup products as well. There have not been a lot of questions asked about makeup on Pebble.com, but you can still compare prices.

Remember, there are categories you can click on when you scroll down the page and also, you can just ask your question and wait till you get an answer. You can ask about any product.

I hope you find this useful!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Doing makeup for someone's big day [+tutorial and haul]

Does anyone get the nervous jitters when they're asked to do makeup for someone's big day as well? My cousin Catherine asked me to do her makeup for her graduation (she's an Octoberian) last Oct 11. Of course, I said yes. How could I say no! The morning of her graduation, she showed me her dress, then we hung out for a bit before she went to get ready so I could go and do her makeup.

I have pictures of the process (ha! I didn't forget to take pics this time :D), so this could also serve as a tutorial.

Here is a before and after shot:
I think I did pretty okay!

For the eyes, I used again my Shawill palette #1, as in the photo below. The colors I used (in order) were #5, #12, and #7.

First I started by priming her eyelids. I used UDPP for this step. Then, I took a fluffy eyeshadow brush and applied color 5 to half her eyelid, from the inner corner and stopping at the middle. I went a little above her crease for this one so the pink would show just a bit when her eyes are open.

Next I took color 12 with a crease brush and applied it to her outer v. Using a fluffy blending brush, I blended it into color five on her eyelid and went a little above her crease to darken her socket.

We both decided that since it was a formal event we would lessen the amount of pink that showed so we added more of color 12 , blending over the pink.

Taking a fluffy eyeshadow brush, I applied color 7 as a highlight under the brow and on the inner corners of her eyes. Then I lined her eyes with Coastal Scents gel eyeliner.

After I curled her lashes and applied mascara, I put color 12 on her lower lashline, smudging some gel eyeliner on top. Then I put mascara on her lower lashes.

Finished look:

I don't remember what else I used on her face, but I used Shawill lipgloss for her lips (layered on top of Prestige lipstick in plum). I do know that the white cast in photos was caused by The Face Shop primer in green, but it went away after a while, thankfully!

I discovered it's really tough for me to do someone's makeup (maybe because I'm so used to putting makeup on myself. I'll get the hang of it soon enough with practice, though! :D

And yes, she did her own hair. I don't have the tools or the talent/skill to do hair, since mine is hopeless and I just always tie it up in a bun. Lol. But I'm thinking about investing in a good flat iron. Any suggestions? Not more expensive than $30-$50 I hope.

Anyway. Today was an adventure for me and my cousin Jen, we had fun just looking around and shopping for makeup! We caught wind that there would be a bazaar at Rockwell, so we went together. And true enough, there was a bazaar, but it opened at 2 pm and we were already there by 10am to avoid traffic. So we ended up taking a cab to SM Megamall (3-day sale of up to 50% off!) and wandered around in the cosmetics department. I bought a few things there, some of which I'm already loving even just now.

From L-R: Nivea lip care in cherry, Himalaya Herbals gentle face wash cream (freebie), Himalaya Herbals neem face pack (mask). The rest are freebies and a dental mirror, lol. It was going for $1 and I just had to get it.

At 1:30 PM, we went back to Rockwell (after we had lunch) to check out the bazaar. We were disappointed when we saw there was a P100 entrance fee because we didn't hear about it, but we paid and went in.

Here is the Charm brush I bought from Beauty and Minerals for 750PHP (bazaar price). I'm going to do a review on it soon.

Well, that's all for now! I'm gonna wash the hair mask out of my hair now and then try the Neem face pack. :D I'm definitely gonna review it, too. Have a good day, everyone!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Ube Keso inspired EOTD + Tutorial

Ube keso is a delicacy here in my country. I can't exactly explain what it is, but it's really yummy (although not exactly a favorite of mine). But while I was at the mall earlier today, I saw a picture of this while I was passing by a fast food place and decided that I needed to do a look with purple and yellow in it. It's a pretty color combination, after all! It oddly enough works with eyeshadow, too. So I decided I'd do a tutorial as well.

**** After some research I found out that ube is purple yam. :) (and of course, keso is cheese). Here is a wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ube

For this EOTD/FOTD, I used mostly Shawill products (if you recall I featured Shawill on my blog recently).

This will be the finished look:

For this, I used the following:

FACE Celeteque Moisturizer, The Face Shop primer in green (used for red spots only), Ellana Minerals concealer in Smile, MAC Studio Fix in NC35, Mineraux foundation and Mineraux neutral mineral veil
CHEEKS ELF bronzer in warm tan, ELF illuminizer (I forgot what it's called), Shawill blush
EYES Art Deco eyeshadow base, Shawill palette #1, Dollface Cosmetics 28 neutral palette, ELF transparent brow gel/mascara, ELF eye brightening pencil eyeliner in coffee, Maybelline eyeliner in black, Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eyes mascara
LIPS PAC lipstick in misty brown, Shawill lip gloss

We will be using colors (in order) 9, 3, 12, 7

If you desire, start by priming your eyelids to make your eyeshadow more vibrant, and to prevent it from creasing or fading. For this step, I used Art Deco eyeshadow base.

For the next step, take your favorite eyeshadow brush (I used elianto's angled eyeshadow brush) and get color 9, applying a wash all over the eyelids.

Then, using the same brush, pick up color 3 and place on outer corner, blending into yellow and bringing it inwards around the crease and socket.

Taking color 12 with a crease brush or a small domed brush for precise application (I used Sembem/Life & Companion's crease brush), apply over outer v and bring into crease, concentrating color on the outer corner. Blend blend blend!

Using the same brush, get color 7 and apply as a highlight on inner corners. If desired, get an eyeshadow brush and pick up some of color 4, layering over the purple in order to create a better gradient effect.

For the next step I used my Dollface Cosmetics palette (28 neutral). I used color 2C, taking a fluffy eyeshadow brush to apply as highlight under my eyebrow, blending into purple color.

For eyeliner, I took a thin, stiff-bristled brush (I was using an EcoTools brush), taking some of color 12 from the Shawill palette and using it to line my upper eyelids. I used the same brush to apply color 9 and 3 on my lower eyelids, letting them meet in the middle. I lined my waterline with Maybelline eyeliner in black.

Curled lashes and applied mascara on upper/lower lashes...and we're done! :D

The finished look:

Tada! I hope you liked my tutorial! :D

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Layout!

What do you guys think?
I know, it's so pink, right? Haha.
It's 2am and I have friends coming over at like 9 or 10am, so I have to get going..which means I'll just have to edit everything that needs to be edited later.
Sorry about the useless post tonight...but I'll have a good post for tomorrow, promise! (:

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brand Focus: Shawill (Reviews)

Hey again, everyone!

So okay, I've been busy lately, but sembreak is fast approaching so when it gets there I hope to be blogging (almost) everyday. I'll do my best.

But anyway, here is a brand that I think deserves much attention.

I just started seeing this brand Shawill around lately, I think it's only been around for a year or so. I first caught sight of it at Watson's Gateway, and at first I ignored them because their offerings seemed a bit like a rip-off. They had cream eyeshadows (single) running for P128 each (roughly $2.70) that were a lot like G-Lish's, so I didn't bother to try them.

Eventually, I found Shawill at Landmark Trinoma, with a better display and new items. So I had to get some stuff.

At first I only bought a lipgloss (priced at P128) and a lip balm (P98).

But today, my parents and I were at the mall. While my mom was off looking around for home decor and my dad was looking for a new LCD TV/Monitor, I of course was at the cosmetics department.

Imagine my surprise when I saw new Shawill products! They had 12 eyeshadow palettes and new lipglosses so I had to stop by and just check everything out. Luckily the SA, Ate Paula, was very nice and accommodating.

And so without further ado, here are my purchases (including the lipgloss and lipbalm I got before):

isn't the e/s palette (Shawill 12 color palette #1) totally cute? :D

Inside shot of the palette, no flash. The place where the applicator is on is a mirror

with flash

swatches, no flash, no base underneath. 1 swipe each

swatches with flash, still no base, still 1 swipe each

My thoughts about the eyeshadow palette:
  • The packaging is cute and seemingly sturdy
  • There is a mirror in the palette albeit a bit small (although it's long so you can see both eyes and make sure your eyeshadow is even!)
  • The price -- 148php for 12 eyeshadows? WOW! That's 12php for each one. In $, roughly...
    a quarter each
  • Pretty pigmented
  • Different types of palettes to choose from (at the Shawill display there were neutrals and colorful palettes. There are also 6 e/s palettes)
  • Very shimmery
  • Very blendable
  • Good that there is a black and a white and many matchable shades
  • Expiry date on the bottom of the palette (although..I'm not sure if I believe it. It says it expires on 2017. Whaaaat!)


  • When you first open the palette, it is overwhelmingly glittery!! But, it turns out it is only the top layer with glitter. Once you get to the eyeshadow it's all nicely frost-finished
  • Can be a bit hard to pick up with a brush
  • The packaging says 12 color cream eyeshadow, although the eyeshadow is clearly powder
  • Also, grammatical error on the packaging (understandable--it is packaged in China but made in Italy)

WILL I REPURCHASE? If need be, yes. But I want to pick up the other palettes, since this one shows so much promise! I am loving it.

Shawill blush in #1, white dot at the center was because the blush is domed and was hitting the lid

included mirror and brush in a compartment

swatch, accurate with flash

My thoughts on the blush:
  • VERY VERY VERY pigmented. A little goes a long way. Too much and you look like a clown
  • Mirror included in the packaging
  • Nice amount of product for the price
  • Cheap (128php, roughly $2.50-$2.70)
  • So far the blush pops up on my cheeks and stays even though I'm really oily (it's been 2 hours since I applied it, but while I was at the mall the SA applied it on my cheeks and it stayed for 3 hours till I removed it)


  • Limited shades available, and when I was there there were only 2 available. Others were OOS
  • Packaging is nice but flimsy to the touch
  • Brush included is useless, sheds like crazy

WILL I REPURCHASE? I'd be interested to try it in other shades.

lip balm swatch. effect: sheer, reddish tinge to lips

lipgloss #3

lipgloss #3 swatched on lips--effect: glossy, shimmery wash of pink

lipgloss #11

swatch of lipgloss #11 on lips. effect: shimmery gloss, sheer with barely there pink

My thoughts on the lip balm and lip glosses:


  • Cheap. lip balm costs 98php, lip gloss #3 10 ml costs 128php and lipgloss #11 7ml with Vitamin E costs 128php
  • Very shimmery, gives off a nice effect
  • Not sticky!! I think this is very important for lipglosses because sticky l/g's make me go "ugh"
  • The lip balm applies nicely and gives a subtle glow and nice shine to lips
  • The shine of the lipbalm isn't so intense that it looks like you just ate something greasy
  • Stays on relatively well (until you eat, pretty much like other glosses)
  • Different shades to choose from (4 are available for the lip balm, manyyyy are available for the glosses)
  • Lip glosses have very nice packaging
  • Light, pleasant scent and taste for the lip glosses :)


  • The lip balm's packaging fades, but it is good and sturdy otherwise
  • Strange price discrepancy for the lip glosses--the 10 ml is cheaper! But maybe it's because the 7ml has vitamin E (supposedly)
  • The lip balm will run out fast! (at least for those who are as obsessed with keeping lips moisturized as me)
  • Some lip glosses are so sheer that they end up looking all the same on the lips. Maybe it was the lighting. I'll have to go back and check.

WILL I REPURCHASE? Yesssssssss! I'll buy more lipglosses, I think I want to own all the shades someday, at least the ones that seem different from each other. Lol.

Yeah, so that's pretty much it for my Shawill purchases! I hope you ladies in the Philippines find this helpful. :) When you see this brand around, check it out and grab some of their stuff! I mostly stuck with the eyeshadows/blush/lip stuff because I think their powder foundations had fragrance in it. So I avoided it. Haha. Otherwise... I give Shawill a 4/5, for something in its price range it is very very good! (-1 pt for shoddy spelling/grammar on packaging and excessive fragrance in some products..also because I haven't tried everything and can't tell if it's all good, lol).

Thanks for reading!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Playing with makeup/hanging out with family

I really should be working...but well, I'm just going to slack off for maybe just a bit more. I've been reading blogs, so I was inspired to post.

This post has been queued up for a while, just never felt like posting it until now. Gotta love reading blogs, they sure put you in the mood to write! Haha.

Anyway, a while back I got to hang out with my cousins (we never hang out even if they live just next door, pretty sad huh?), and while we played Wii and took turns playing Rock Band and so on, my cousin Catherine (I call her Ate Kaye) asked me to do her makeup, completely out of the blue.

And while I was pretty busy that weekend considering my impending deadlines of doom, I nevertheless agreed. How couldn't I? They say playing with makeup is therapy, and I find this to be absolute truth.

So I took them up to my room and put my makeup on the bed and let them have at it (I was also with my cousin Analyn and a cousin's cousin, Jacq). Ate Kaye picked out my PAC palette and said that she wanted me to do a look on her with the blue e/s. So I got right down to it (I had a bottle of the exact same foundation she uses so I used it on her).

The finished look on Ate Kaye:

On her I used the following products:
FACE Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Cream Foundation in Sandy Beige, ELF Bronzer in Warm Tan for contour, ELF illuminizer in Luminance for highlights, Ellana Minerals concealer in Smile
CHEEKS Ever Bilena blush in Raisin
LIPS Jean-Michelle Lip Couleur Liquide in St. Tropez Fantaisie-2
EYES UDPP, PAC perfect finish pearly eyeshadow palette, Rimmel quad (the one that Cheysser sent to me, I don't have it on hand and can't check the shades), Dollface Cosmetics 28 Neutral Palette, Coastal Scents Gel Eyeliner in True Black, Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eyes mascara

So I did Ate Kaye's makeup, then she pretty much insisted that I do Jacqueline's, too. If you recall, I've already done her makeup in a post from like...ages ago. Haha. It was fun to do her makeup again, and oh my gosh her lashes are so long. Ate Kaye and I were jealous, seriously.

On Jacqueline:
FACE MAC Studio Fix powder foundation in NC35, Ellana Minerals concealer in Smile, ELF Bronzer in Warm Tan for contour, ELF illuminizer in Luminance for highlights
CHEEKS Ever Bilena blush in Raisin (This blush is so versatile, I love it! Applied with a good brush it gives you a perfect wash of color without making you look like a clown!)
LIPS NYX Round l/g in Real Nude
EYES Art Deco eyeshadow base, Coastal Scents Matte 88 palette, Jesse's Girl Bejewelled Quad for highlight, Maybelline Eyestudio eyeliner pencil, MAC Zoomlash mascara (she didn't even need her lashes curled. I only used the Zoomlash because it was the only mascara I had on hand that wasn't waterproof)

Here is a shot of the two of them together

So far they've both made me pledge to do their makeup. Ate Kaye wants me to do her makeup for her graduation in October, and Jacq wants me to do her makeup for her prom next year. Of course, I said yes. Haha!

Anddd this post would not be complete if I was not in it (jk, jk). But yes, I also did my makeup and Ate Kaye straightened my hair for me (wow I had no idea it's that long already!), so here I am:

On me:
FACE Ellana Minerals Intense Coverage Mineral Foundation in Hazelnut Latte, Ellana Minerals Oil Absorbing Mineral Finishing Powder in espresso Con Panna, ELF Bronzer in Warm Tan for contour, ELF illuminizer in Luminance for highlights, Ellana Minerals concealer in Smile
CHEEKS Ever Bilena blush in Raisin (can't get enough of this lately!)
LIPS Revlon Matte lipstick in Mauve It Over, topped off with Shawill Gloss #11 (I think?)
EYES Art Deco eyeshadow base, Makeup Masala Mineral Eyeshadow (sample) in Agni, Rimmel quad, ELF pencil eyeliner (in coffee I think), and Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara. Also, used I think an Avon quad for highlight

Here's the three of us goofing off together:

Tada! That finishes my post for today. Bye! :D
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