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Monday, March 30, 2009


I was at 168 with my aunt and mom today, and I got free clothes (yay free clothessss!). It kinda made me sad because I would miss the delivery of my Ellana stuff, but then when I got home I saw it (total damage P650) and I was like...holy wow, ang liit pala. But what else can I expect, I only ordered 1g each! I was SO disappointed though because half my order wasn't available. But at least I decided on shades etc na... Actually I'm getting impatient na b/c I want to order stuff already, but I WILL WAIT. I have to think what brushes I'm getting first. Thankfully I'm going to Trinoma tomorrow to watch Monsters vs Aliens with my college bestie. :)

So this is what I got today at 168. 2 tops and 2 bolero type things (I don't know what they're called, I'm not much of a fashionista!). 2 belts (P100 each!) and L'oreal facial wipes. All free. Yay! I can't wait to wear these, I don't really get to have much pretty clothes. XD

And here is my Ellana haul (minus primer, innocence concealer, baby buki brush, and fulfillment blush...but at least I got free samples of blushes).

my babies in their new home:

So far, I've decided that I like their awake concealer, and my shade is toffee mocha. I like the moisturizing lip color too! My god, I'm sure I'm going to start bringing huge bags now...marami nang pa-kikay e! Here is me, wearing most of the ellana products (one side toffee mocha one side cafe mocha b/c I was testing to see which shade fit me better). Excuse the hair, I really don't bother with my hair much because it's so unruly. I LOVE THE COVERAGE! And after 6 hours, without primer (and after a mucho huge dinner with loads of oily food), my skin was still pretty good, and didn't appear too oily. What more if there was primer?

I also did a makeover on my cousin's cousin, Jacqueline... it was a random spur of the moment thing, and I didn't have her shade foundation or powder, but we made do...I promised to do her makeup for prom and she would just get her own foundie/powder. 

click to enlarge!

I used: CS 88 palette in matte, VOV single e/s in yellow (no actual color specified), lancome lipstick, generic blush+ELF blush in glow, elianto stay-on eyeliner

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Haul and LOTN I never wore out

I mentioned the other day that I got a pretty bad manicure (it got ruined right away!), so I ended up doing my own nails instead (fingernails, I left my toes alone since I rarely wear sandals). I did them in neon orange, neon green, and neon yellow (for the tip). What I did was, I took the polish, dabbed the excess off the brush onto a plastic lid--I think it was for my cotton container--and grabbed a hairpin. Using the end of that hairpin, I dipped it into the polish and kept making dots across my fingernails. I don't have nail art pens kasi e! And then I tipped my nails with the orange. I was actually quite surprised I managed since I never french-tipped before. I guess I was inspired, and frustrated with my botched first attempts.

So here is a picture of how my nails are now (and hopefully for weeks to come since this manicure will be quite easy to maintain, all I need is to dab more dots and coat on glitter and a topcoat):

My nails are pretty, no? I just love neons.

Anyway, yesterday morning I went to a friend's. They were supposed to pick me up at SM North Edsa but the jeep I was taking wasn't passing by there it seemed, so I got down at Trinoma...and went straight into Landmark (right after opening--so I was just on time!). I was disappointed because not all the stores were open, and some sales chicks were pretty damn rude to me. Just because I don't look like the type that would wear makeup... forget it. HAHA.

Because I was waiting for so long, I ended up shopping--and I told myself I wouldn't do this because I just bought Ellana stuff, but I couldn't help it. I needed liquid eyeliner and blush...I can't say I'm not disappointed with what I bought, but well..it was an impulsive buy.

I bought:

ELF blush in glow, elianto shimmery e/s in ivory, elianto stay-on liquid eyeliner in black

I have swatches:

Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the e/s and blush without flash (I may have but I think I deleted it).

Anyway, I wouldn't repurchase the blush or the eyeliner. Revlon was out of stock kasi, and elianto seemed like a good choice... sigh! I don't like the runniness of the elianto... it has a felt tip, and the salesgirl claimed it was waterproof, but I ran it under water and then swiped my finger across it and most of it came off. Pff. The blush is too shimmery for me and it isn't the right shade (I didn't try it...tsk. Oh well, it was just P129.75).  I could wear it when I'm having just lipgloss days (which is a lot of the time).

The e/s however is pretty good--I just had trouble getting my lids to be white! Haha. Well, I really jsut bought it for highlight, but you be the judge if it worked. Here is an LOTN that I took off before I went out (I went out bare-faced with just red lippie instead) because I realized I didn't want to call attention to myself.

There were a lot of firsts for me on this one--I used the maybelline cream foundation for the first time, and my 88 palette (and the elianto e/s in ivory as highlight)...and my Art Deco eye primer. Holy moly, primer+e/s = magic! Haha. I feel like an idiot, but oh well. I really wish I had more occasions to wear pretty e/s to. Also, I hadn't filled in my eyebrows in that picture.

I was wearing the elianto eyeliner and the elf blush in those pictures, too. I know my eyes don't look even, but I swear it's jsut because one is puffy from getting poked with a brush. XD I know I did a shabby job on blending, but well...I didn't know it would be so hard when there was a primer underneath! It's all worth it though.

I need new face powder...mine doesn't match my shade anymore.

A promise for a post when I wake up--

So, it's 3AM and I just got home...and I'm feeling sick to my stomach. There are just really some inconsiderate people in the world--I mean, I sure know that I was in a bar and all, and people smoke, but did those guys really have to keep blowing their ******* smoke in my direction? Holy moly, I smell like smoke.

I'm ALLERGIC to smoke and tobacco.

I'll be wheezing tomorrow--just now my throat is sore and my lungs heavy.

Oh well, that's the tradeoff for going to those things.

I can't wait for my mom to finish in the bathroom so I can take my turn (I am definitely taking a shower). I don't want to stink up my sheets and my bed...screw being tired.

Before we went to Punchline (good acts, but nothing I haven't seen before--I mean I saw them like last year, and this year their acts are still the same!) I had gone to a friend's, and while I was waiting for my friends to pick me up I ended up...well. Shopping! I was at Landmark after all...what else would I do? XD Too bad the mall had just opened so they were still restocking their shelves.

Anyway--haul post tomorrow...along with a funny story. And I'll be reviewing some things--mostly what I've bought recently. Also I've got an "LOTN" which I never wore out. I realized it wasn't a good idea to wear makeup like that to a bar where the performers make a living out of making fun out of people.

Alright! Roosters crowin'--that means it's time for me to go for a shower and sleep. I don't want to be a zombie tomorrow morning (even though I'm sure I'll be).

Friday, March 27, 2009

I just got the most disappointing...


Never again will I get my mani/pedis done at home, I'll go to parlors if I have to. It was fine and all, but I waited two hours before I even moved, and i did some light work and the next thing I know my nails are ruined!

So I took it all off and I'm now giving myself a mani-pedi. Sigh. At least I don't have to shape my nails anymore. I also noticed--she totally made my finger bleed. :/


Today I went with my mom to pick up my aunt from the airport. At the same time, Ate Hazel (our former maid) had gone to the PO to claim my CS palette for me. I'm so happy to have finally gotten it--I was so nervous that some of the shadows would break, but when I saw it and inspected it...thankfully, none had.

Here are some gratituous shots, including some swatches (swiped once).

I'm in love! Without any primer they show up brightly, so what more if I had used primer? And even after intense rubbing they don't fade. I will definitely re-purchase if I have to (I don't think I will soon!). One thing that disappointed me was that there was hardly any oranges in the shade that I wanted. No problem at all. XD

The palette cost $21.95 when I got it, + shipping (USPS first class international) of around 13 dollars...so it cost me $35 in total, but my aunt bought it for me and omg! Free makeup! Well, now I don't feel so bad about the mineral makeup that I bought (I get it on monday). XD

My aunt is amazing, you know why? Because aside from the CS palette, she also got me a Lowepro bag for my DSLR. No more toting it around in my shabby Nikon bag! Ha! :D And aside from that...

She gave me a Maybelline Instant Age Rewind cream foundation in sandy beige with SPF18.It was totally unexpected, and I'm really glad, but I won't have a chance to use it until I finish with my derma treatment. I will have to find out if it's much better than the one I have now...since their gel foundation CAKES LIKE CRAAAAZY.

Here are pictures: 

I so can't wait to try new looks with my new makeup!! I'll wait for my mineral makeup to get here so I can play around with the e/s. Now I know what I need to buy next--brushes!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


So I finally gave in and ordered mineral makeup from a friend (who has a sister, who has a friend that is a representative).

I ordered the following:
Makeup primer P400
Cafe Mocha and Toffee Mocha foundation Intense Coverage 1g each P200 (I'm still trying out the shades to see which fits me)
Fulfillment blush 1g P100
Concealers: smile, awake and innocence 1g each P300
Passionate moisturizing lip color P150
Baby buki brush P300
Oil absorbing finishing powder in almond coffee cream 1g P100

My wallet hurts. :(

I didn't get any eyeshadow muna. I hope I can get them soon...I wanna play with mineral makeup! Haha.

http://dazzlecloset.multiply.com is where I ordered, sorta. My friend is mediating for me so I don't have to use the order form etc na.

Lookie what I got today!

I finally get to claim my CS palette--after weeks of nervous waiting!

Well, I'm still nervous... what if some of the shadows broke? :( I hope not!

I got my ARTDECO eye primer today too, courtesy of my friend Sam (last two in stock, and she was lucky enough to buy them both!), so I can't wait to just try my CS 88 matte palette tomorrow! I know, I know, I rode the bandwagon totally late, but hey, at least I found out about it before the product got phased out or whatever. :)

Already I'm starting to think about what else I gotta buy, haha. Blush palette, neutrals palette... sighhh! Oh, and definitely mineral makeup. I gotta try that!

Also, I was on the CS website today and I noticed that they have new palettes on there! They look cool, definitely.

Someday Coastal Scents should make a like, full neons/bright colors palette. Like the Bobbi Brown brights.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mini "haul" for the day!

Hello blogging world! This is my first proper post on my blog. :D Inaugural much?

So, I went to the derma with my mom. It wasn't my appointment, it was my aunt's. We went anyway...nakisingit kami. I just really needed to get a persistent allergy checked--turned out it was a skin asthma!

So then I get recommended treatments, etc...it was my first time at a derma so I was rather shocked at how expensive treatments could get! But I only spent Php2125 (including PF of what we guess is around 300-500) for now--I got recommended to fix my skin asthma rashes first before we started treating for my pimples and oily skin (>.<).  So I took home acnewin soap, an ointment, gel sunblock, 5 days worth of Claritin, a clindamycin solution and NeoStrata AHA lotion--which I can't apply until after my rashes go away.

After the dermatologist finished with me, my mom and I decided to go to the mall nearby and eat dinner. Once we finished we looked around a bit, and I got attracted by this tiangge stall that had makeup palettes for sale--imagine my annoyance when I saw fake MAC products!!

My mom went to get her eyeglasses' lenses tinted, so I went and looked around. I found a shop called Joyo...at least I think. I don't remember. But I got pretty earrings! Which is weird because I never really wear earrings...

I'm turning kikay!

It's okay...it's not too late. I'm just 18 after all!

I got two nautical themed earrings, they were really cute... just 20php for a pair. Sorry for the bad quality pictures, I was too lazy to break out the DSLR for these...so I just used my laptop's webcam.

And then I got two more pairs--a classic (FAKE!) half-pearl pair for when I'm lazy to match it with my clothes, and a dainty triangle thingamajig. I didn't bother to take pictures, but they were priced at P40 a pair... not bad. It astounds me what cheap things I can find nowadays (even cheaper if I bought at Divisoria or Quiapo).

So all in all the earrings cost me P120...so I didn't feel too bad spending my money which could have gone instead to makeup.

In other news, I'm still waiting for my CS palette, which my aunt bought and sent from the US (through CS' website) last March 1-3 (I don't remember which date exactly anymore). I'm getting paranoid, since it still hasn't arrived here yet, and it's been weeks. I know I'm supposed to give an allowance of 2-3 weeks, but omg. :( This is why I don't like buying online... but I'm being tempted to buy Ellana products. At least the concealer and foundation and finishing powder. But I'd have to get a kabuki brush too.

Can I use traditional eyeshadow with mineral makeup? Or just mineral makeup with mineral makeup?

Okay, time to clean my room!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Are for those who cannot afford to buy what they want. :(

I am one of those people!

On a student's allowance, how could I afford most of the stuff I want, after all? I also get rather reluctant to spend my money since I don't wear makeup everyday...but i think I'm going to start doing that once I get into MMU. So I'm currently eyeing Ellana makeup, since I read about it on various blogs that I now read religiously.

My wishlist:
MAC products
Eye makeup primers--UDPP, TFSI (I already have Art Deco, yay!)
Ellana mineral makeup (I don't like that I have to order online :()
Urban Decay
Lime Crime Shadows
Gel Liners and Gel Liners
Neutral Shadows
CS Shimmer Palette (I bought the matte palette but it's still not here after one month!!)

I hope one of these days I would get to cross out stuff from this list, but as for now I'm pretty sure I'm just going to add more and more to it.  

Friday, March 13, 2009


Please remember that the posts in my blog contain my personal opinion, and I'm not claiming to be an expert. I'm just a college student who also happens to be a makeup enthusiast, so until I actually go to makeup school and so on I can't claim to be a pro. If I give out tips and recommendations, please follow at your own risk. If there is an issue that you would like to clarify with me, just contact me. Click the link in the menu under the banner to find out how you can get in touch.


If you need to get a hold of me just to talk, or to have me try something out or if you want me to review something, etc, you may reach me through the following methods:

Yahoo!Messenger: chriselle_sy
Email: chrisellesy (@) gmail.com [without spaces or parentheses]

If by e-mail, please put in a good subject line, and mention that you are a reader of my blog. Thank you. :)
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