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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wouldn't you rather...

Spend the afternoon in the parlor getting hooked up for free instead of staying at uni from 7am - 6pm? Especially when you have nothing to do from 12pm-4:30pm. Sigh... I missed a day in the parlor with my mom and aunt for this! Stupid make-up classes. My prof annoys me a bit... absent 7 days then demanding our time to make up for what we missed while he was gone.

So instead of my regular daily 7am to 12pm daily sched, today and tomorrow I'll be here 7am-6pm. Same goes for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday next week. Thankfully May 1 is Labor Day so I have no classes and I can recover. Sigh!

Sorry girls, this is why I have not been able to post. That and I've been busy, and/or had nothing to post about! Lol.

In other news, yesterday I skipped class to go watch the taping of a local morning talk show, Ruffa and Ai with my mom, aunt and two friends. It was fun, seeing their bloopers and stuff, but the taping took quite a while, running from 1PM to 3:30PM for a one-hour show, had it been live. Lol. It's okay though...pros - longer time seeing the artists, cons - it's quite boring since I'm not into the local showbiz scene.

We got to see Angel Locsin and Diether Ocampo though, of course aside from Ruffa and Ai-Ai. I don't know what other people think, but personally...well, my mom and I think that there's sort of a gap between the two of them. Since, you know. Ai-Ai is more for the masses than Ruffa (who spent all her idle time texting and/or reading magazines...she even called her PA to get her magazine for her when it was only five feet away from her! lol).

All in all it was a pleasant experience, except I had a huge hunger headache afterwards since we got to the studio at 11:30 and thus skipped lunch.

Sorry about the non-makeup post...but I promise a makeup-related post tomorrow, or later tonight.

Have a good day/night ladies!


Crissy said...

Talk show sounds like fun for the most part! I'm sure I would have been complaining for food the whole time XD

Sarah said...

Hmmmm decisions, decisions! Ha, I am pretty sure I know what 99.9% of the girly population would choose on that on!!!!! Ooooh that sounds like so much fun!!! I would love to sit in on a talk show!

Mary said...

Your school schedule sounds busy! Don't worry, May 1 is just around the corner and hopefully you can relax and play with your makeup :)

Catherine said...

Aww, good luck with your classes!

mszcheysser said...

OMG. That is so awesome - to watch the taping of the show. Eeeeeeeeeek! (: Were you able to take pictures?

Anonymous said...

Hi hi...
your professor sucks! hahaha kiddin.=] but well something you have to endure til you finally finish the class.. then you dont have to deal with your prof anymore! yey!

About the karaoke... hahaha aint that true! every filipino looks for karaoke everytime may party! and yes lol my friend looks so funny with his serious face.. haha.

Chrissy said...

@Crissy - They gave us a gift pack that had ramen in it and I was seriously considering eating the noodles raw, if not for the security people. >.>

@Sarah - I got to go to the parlor after class! Lol. My mom and Aunt was there from 12-8:30 (I got there at 6). Talk about spending the day at the parlor! And yes the talk show was quite fun.

@Mary - Yes it is quite busy these few weeks, but for the most part I only have 2 classes this summer. It sucks though, cause it's political science and history and that means LOADS of readings!!

@Catherine - Thanks. :D

@Cheysser - I got to take pictures around the set before the taping began. My phone's cam is really crappy and I didn't have a proper digicam with me to take pics during the show, however. XD

@Miss Katin - yes my professor sucks! But well, he's okay when he teaches, yanno? Just the inconveniencing part that's annoying me. his class is really actually pretty interesting. And I know how it is with the karaoke, lol! We have a magic mic at home.

Diane said...

Thanks. I don't know.. something about me... I just haven't been comfy in my own skin yet. I hope I'll crack out of my shell.. soon... Thanks, I appreciate it.

my beauty corner said...

awww @ the PA :( the only thing that masses "love" Ruffa is her icky voice and her 'sosyal'-ness haha you know, someone "glittering" you could look up too :o
btw, did you receive the package already? :D

Chrissy said...

@ Diane - I hope you crack out of your shell soon. :)

@ Noi - I haven't checked yet, I have been in school all day!! I'll see when I get home. Thanks again, girl! And I do agree, Ruffa is someone for the masses to look up to...too bad that's their image of glamour and stuff though...cause she's kinda doing it wrong. You can be glamorous without being aloof, right? :(

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