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Saturday, April 18, 2009

An attempted look + Elianto brush set review

So last night my aunt, mom and I went to Metro Comedy Bar, where most of the acts and comics are gay guys. And one specific acts, the Foxy Ladies, caught my attention. Not just because they were funny, and crap they were sexy (One of them had Beyonce's figure in Dreamgirls--I swear because they were lipsinging the song from it), but because their makeup was amazing! Amazing amazing cut crease work and theatrical stuff. When they were going around asking for tips I actually considered giving them one just because their makeup was so amazing. But...alas, I am broke and saving for future purposes.

Last night I told myself I would give it a shot--I mean, doing a look based on theirs, and I think I did an okay job. I definitely need a hell of a lot of practice (especially with the freaking false eyelashes, I must've applied them 10 times just to get it right), but well... gotta start somewhere right? I didn't do so well with the cut crease, mine wasn't so sharp--but this is partly because I've had to reapply my shadow over and over whenever putting the falsies on screwed it up and believe me it was a lot of times! Anyway.... here are pictures:

Yes, you can see that I suck with the eyelash application. I used too much glue (I did let it dry though) and well...the lashes were hard to work with. For a total noob at false eyelashes, I tried to be pretty adventurous and oops! Faaaail! Oh well, this is how you learn, right? :x And PS, I know I look silly! XD

And now, onto my very very first review: The Elianto 8pc brush set!

I bought this set at Landmark Trinoma for 999php (almost $20). The SA claimed they were made of goat hair. I don't know, I can't really tell. Sometimes SA's will tell you BS to sell you stuff...and I found this is mostly true when they are trying to sell brushes.


  • Cheap! For 999php for 8 brushes it comes down to about 125php per brush
  • Goat hair (or so they said) is supposedly good for blending, at first it was soft and not scratchy
  • Good coverage from the powder brush and blush brush, good control from the e/s brushes
  • Comes with all the essentials (This is what attracted me to it mostly)
  • Sleek design makes the brushes look expensive
  • Comes in a leather case (zippered) that is pretty fashionable
  • Very good for beginners (like me) and practice
  • Hair/bristles SHED SHED SHED even if the brushes are new and have never been washed. This is a very big con for me because they shed as I am using them. Otherwise I would not have cared very much.
  • Stray bristles!

  • After washing the powder brush, it became VERY scratchy and rough on the face. Because of this I am thinking about getting the ecotools powder brush or the Ellana buffer brush.

  • SKIP IT! Like I said this is good for beginners, for practice. I'm going to stick with this set until all the bristles fall out or something...as for now I'll be focusing on buying more makeup (yeah yeah I know, I shouldn't spend all my moneyyy)
  • That said, be careful handling the brushes, they seem rather fragile to me--don't forget to wash them still though
That is a big NO!I would rather spend my money on better quality brushes. 

Any suggestions for what I can replace this brush set with? :) Nothing too expensive please! I am just a student still after all.


Anonymous said...

aww~ elianto brushes are nice (when sold separately) try fanny serrano brushes or fashion21 I will buy suesh brushes if i have the money T_T I can't dole out monnies for it yet. I heard it's really good though T_T

Chrissy said...

Yeah I will definitely have to try those... If you buy the Suesh let me know hwo it goes. :P

MakeupJunkee said...

love the look...its so pretty..

Sarah said...

Thanks for your comments Chrissy!!! This is fantastic! And I am not just saying this, I mean it! You look stunning!! False eyelashes are tough I don't know how many times I have poked myself in the eye and stuck my fingers together with the darn things, but they're always worth it in the end! You should have totally entered a drag contest that was running, you would have rocked at it : )

Chrissy said...

@MakeupJunkee - thank you!!

@Sarah - I never thought of that. I just don't know where to find a drag contest. XD Thank you for your comments too! :)

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Chrissy! I've been trying to put my first ever falsies too! and I suck big time haha by the way, you might want to try Ellana's brush set..I saw one from my sister's stuff (she resells Ellana in her school)and it contains all the essentials you need (7 brushes I think) plus it comes in a black soft leather case already..it has the same soft synthetic hair as their individual brushes so it is good..this cost P800 only..I'll buy this if only I don't have the individual brushes already haha :)

P.s. thanx for visiting my site :)

Chrissy said...

I definitely will check out Ellana's brush set, I have been thinking about getting it actually. To be honest, I wish I had gotten it instead of the Elianto. Sigh sigh.

Thanks for the comment and for your suggestion!

Crystal said...

hi chrissy! you can also check out the charm holiday set. it's less than 1k also. i know what you mean about the elianto brush sets. when i looked at them, some are ok, some are not that's why i decided to get them individually instead.

Sarah said...

Hi again!!! I tagged you on my blog : ) Check it out if you are bored!

URY said...

I wanted to buy that brushset before but I opted for those sold separately bec they're softer/higher quality =D. Not bad for a first time Chrissy! I want to try that too

Chrissy said...

@Crystal - Where can I find the charm holiday set? THanks for the suggestion!

@Sarah - I definitely wanna do this! Thanks for giving me something to do. :)

@Ury - Thanks! I wanna practice and try it more sometime. :D You should give it a try! And I'm really annoyed that I got impulsive and bought that brush set. :(

Catherine said...

Very nice! I feel like my eye shape isn't right to do cut crease looks... but for a first try, you did an amazing job! I've never tried falsies either, lol.

I highly, highly, highly recommend the EcoTools brushes. They are seriously the softest brushes I have ever, ever found. Way softer than many high end brands. They are not just excellent for drugstore brushes. They are excellent brushes.

I don't recommend their full sized powder brush for foundation application though. It's really, really, really foofy so most people find it doesn't offer much coverage at all. I use it for my mmu on my amazing skin days, lol. I think it's an awesome brush for dusting on finishing powder and for blending out blush/bronzer though. For powder/mmu foundation, I really like the baby kabuki from their mineral set. I love the blush brush that comes with it too.

Unfortunately, EcoTools doesn't have a very wide range of eyeshadow brushes. I really like the Everyday Minerals everyday eyeshadow brush (www.everydayminerals.com, I have 3). A lot of people love the EDM face brushes as well, but I think the EcoTools brushes give me a better finish.

I've had my EcoTools brushes for ~4 months now. They're very sturdy. I wash them every week (and I wash the eye shader every day) and I've never had one shed on me yet, and they're all still as soft as the day I got them. =)

Sorry for the long comment, lol. HTH though.

Incidentally, what are you using to wash your brushes with? I once ruined a set of BE brushes by washing them with a rough shampoo... lol. Now I use the same soap I wash my face with. Maybe you could try doing a deep conditioning treatment on your powder brush? Just wet it, apply conditioner and let it sit for ~15 minutes, and then wash it out and let it dry.

Chrissy said...

@ Catherine -- Wow, this is such a helpful, helpful comment! Thanks so much. I'll definitely check out the brushes that EcoTools has to offer. They're very inexpensive, and I'm glad for that. :D I can't wait to give them a try now, I'm really glad they work for you! And yeah I wouldn't think a foofy powder brush like theirs would give me very good coverage either (and I really need it!) so I'll get the set that has the baby buki.

I will try doing a deep conditioning treatment on my brushes (I realized most of them are rather scratchy now) definitely. I've been using baby shampoo so far though.

Thank you for the recommendation!

donnarence said...

nice job chrissy... the eye makeup looks perfectly and neatly done... i am also in the process of learning how to put falsies. :s

Chrissy said...

@Donnarence - Thank you!! I'm also trying to learn how to put falsies on, and so far I THINK i've made a breakthrough. Keep practicing!

Ida said...

hi chrissy, thanks for passing by my blog and telling me about your elianto brush set review! :) i just read it and i don't think i'll be getting it, hehe.

also read everyone's comments and like gale i'd also recommend the ellana brush set. i don't own the set but have the individual brushes and they're definitely not scratchy and don't shed.

the charm brush set you can order via beautyandminerals.multiply.com. i've been eyeing it for some time now...looks pretty good!

as for ecotools i want them too! hehe. too bad they're not available locally. so i'm waiting til makeup masala stocks up on them again.

*Nehs* said...

u did great dear!! :) thanks so much for the comments and for following my blog.

xoxo, nehs :)

Chrissy said...

@ Ida - You're welcome, and I'm glad my review helped somehow.

I definitely will try and decide whether I will get the Ellana brush set or the Charm brush set...the Charm looks so cute, but the Ellana is much more accessible to me. :(

And that's another one! I'm thinking about getting EcoTools from MakeupMasala too. Haha.

@Nehs - Thanks for dropping by too. <3

Vanessa M. said...

that is some awesomemakeup!

Chrissy said...

Thank you Vanessa! :D

Anastacia said...

Just gorgeous make-up!
Very hot 'n sexy!
Esp like that eye lashes :D

Chrissy said...

Thanks Anastacia! The eyelashes were hell to put on though. I need more practice!!

geli-pet said...

I have the Fanny Serrano travel brush set... it works well enough... bought it for 950 though... you can get Charm's set for cheaper...

i love elianto's foundation brush... it's my fave brush from Elianto.. :D

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