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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thank you, package, and Konad

Wow, I can't believe it. I've only been blogging for a month (a little bit more maybe) and already I've met so many friends, learned so many things, got so many sweet encouraging comments and good advice.

So let me just say to all the people whose blogs I read and to all my dear readers,

Anyway, moving on, today I got home to find that Noi's package finally arrived. She was so nice, sending me the sample of UDPP that she got for free along with the stuff that she bought. She also included something else--and I swear it's like she reads minds!

So pretty! I love the card stock that she wrapped the (bubblewrapped) stuff in. And the sticker! 

And the contents:

Citre Shine anti-frizz spray laminator. THANK YOU for this, Noi, my hair has been so frizzy lately and I'm just needing something for my hair. This is perfect, I'll use it with my serum. :)

And of course the UDPP sample, 2.66mL. My first ever Urban Decay anything!

Again, thank you so much, Noia. :) I can't wait until I can send you something (and believe me it will be soon! ^_^).

So on my previous post, I mentioned that I was stuck as school when I really wanted to go to the parlor with my mom and aunt instead. Well turns out I got to go anyway--my aunt and mom were there from 12pm to 8pm (I got there at 6). I got to get a facial done...and my nails done! Can you believe I found a place where they do nail stamping? The moment I saw a Konad polish I was like. O_O!! I gotta get that done. Heheh, so now I have got pretty nails~



As usual, polish chipped almost immediately. But that's just because I really am just so rough with my hands. I need to find a good long-wearing polish that won't chip so fast on me. 

Gia told me that there are Konad stamping sets available here. My initial reaction was "OMFG REALLY?!?" because she told me that it was pretty affordable for the basic set. I asked her to accompany me to the place...so we'll see how that goes. :)

Also... here's a completely unrelated disgusting story that happened to me today.

I was on the jeep home, and this guy that sat beside me just had the most HORRIBLE B.O. I think he realized that I could hardly breathe (well, I had my hand covering my nose), and I think he either got annoyed or has a weird thing about people smelling his funky B.O. because he kept holding onto the hand railing on the ceiling of the jeep, thus of course making the odor more...strong, I guess? Gosh, I really wanted to tell him to please stop sticking to me and practically rubbing his armpit to my face (I was next to him) but I just bent over and looked somewhere else so that the smell wouldn't be that bad.

Have you had bad experiences like that while taking public transportation? :/

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wouldn't you rather...

Spend the afternoon in the parlor getting hooked up for free instead of staying at uni from 7am - 6pm? Especially when you have nothing to do from 12pm-4:30pm. Sigh... I missed a day in the parlor with my mom and aunt for this! Stupid make-up classes. My prof annoys me a bit... absent 7 days then demanding our time to make up for what we missed while he was gone.

So instead of my regular daily 7am to 12pm daily sched, today and tomorrow I'll be here 7am-6pm. Same goes for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday next week. Thankfully May 1 is Labor Day so I have no classes and I can recover. Sigh!

Sorry girls, this is why I have not been able to post. That and I've been busy, and/or had nothing to post about! Lol.

In other news, yesterday I skipped class to go watch the taping of a local morning talk show, Ruffa and Ai with my mom, aunt and two friends. It was fun, seeing their bloopers and stuff, but the taping took quite a while, running from 1PM to 3:30PM for a one-hour show, had it been live. Lol. It's okay though...pros - longer time seeing the artists, cons - it's quite boring since I'm not into the local showbiz scene.

We got to see Angel Locsin and Diether Ocampo though, of course aside from Ruffa and Ai-Ai. I don't know what other people think, but personally...well, my mom and I think that there's sort of a gap between the two of them. Since, you know. Ai-Ai is more for the masses than Ruffa (who spent all her idle time texting and/or reading magazines...she even called her PA to get her magazine for her when it was only five feet away from her! lol).

All in all it was a pleasant experience, except I had a huge hunger headache afterwards since we got to the studio at 11:30 and thus skipped lunch.

Sorry about the non-makeup post...but I promise a makeup-related post tomorrow, or later tonight.

Have a good day/night ladies!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A favor and a reminder

Please vote for me on Whit's Spice Girls contest! I am Danger Spice. The poll is on the side bar.

Also, don't forget to check out the contest Gia and I are running! Check out the post below.

Because you guys are awesome...

Gia and I are finally holding our very first contest! The theme is...

Basically, you take the following inspiration pictures:

and make looks based on them. More inspiration pictures can be found here: http://www.fotosearch.com/asiastock/chinese-costume-make-up/UNA297/

*No need to make your face white with makeup, that's such a waste of product! But if you do it, that's a plus. :)

So how do you join? Just read the following rules:

1) Must be a follower of both blogs (http://cosmeticfixation.blogspot.com and http://royalcoconut.blogspot.com) so if you're not a follower yet, click follow! ;) Yes, we will be checking.

2) The look must be new, no old photos from other contests--the look should have been made for the sole purpose of this contest.  Also, put your own twist on the look! :D

3) No need to do a step-by-step, but you must take a picture of what you used and tell us what they are (product breakdown). Take at least 3 full-face pictures and 2 close-ups of your makeup's best feature (eyeshadow or if you drew a design, then your design). Full-body pics and dressing up is optional, not required.

4) Post your look on your blog with both our links on the post (http://royalcoconut.blogspot.com and http://cosmeticfixation.com).

5) Send us an e-mail at royalfixation@gmail.com with the picture of what you used (along with product breakdown), 3 full-face pictures and 2 close-ups. You can include more pics if you want. Also send us the link to your blog.

6) Must be over the age of 18 or have parental consent otherwise because we will be asking for your address for the prizes.

The contest starts today and ends May 24th. Winner will be announced May 31st. :) It is open internationally, but please be aware that our post office sucks so it'll take a while for you to get your prize.

Gia and I are still talking about prizes, so we'll let you know what they will be soon. We're hoping at least 10 people will join to make it a fun contest... so give it a shot! We can't wait to see what you have for us. :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hauling, malling, laughing!

Sorry for the totally lame-o title. But...that was basically what happened today! Lol. Last Thursday, Gia told me that she was going to TriNoma/The Block and of course, since these were malls so close by to my house (I practically live thereabouts!) I immediately told her that I wanted to go with her. And so we decided we would meet up at Elianto Trinoma on Saturday...but then, she told me she couldn't go!! Lol, I was so disappointed, I even stopped making what I was making (I was sewing her something so I could give her a pressie :[). My high school friend, Kat, said she was free on Saturday so I made plans with her, but then she cancelled last minute...so for a while I had no plans for today. Pff...then Gia told me she could go again! :D Sad though, I still hadn't bothered to finish what I was sewing (Sorry Gia~ next time!).

Anyway, I left the house wearing makeup...and got home barely wearing any. Lol! Wow, it's just really difficult to wear makeup during summer. I sweat everything off! Not to mention, I'm just so oily. :( It's odd, when I wear make up I am oilier than when I don't. Any of you have any idea why? Do you think it's because of the products I use? I used The Face Shop makeup primer in green (the cheap-o one), Ellana minerals intense cover foundation in hazelnut latte and finishing powder in espresso con panna. Both are supposed to help with oiliness...doesn't really work for me.

Here was my sad FOTD (oh, I got to play with my 28 palette for this one), taken when I got home. My skin was shiny and there were no traces of blush leftover whatsoever! Haha.

Do you like my neutral look? I think I'm gonna love my 28 palette for my school days. ;] Well, when I feel like wearing makeup anyway. Also, if you notice, only my lids didn't get oily. I love Art Deco eyeshadow base--kept everything on my eyelids. :D:D

I had so much fun with Gia today, it was really a great day. We just bonded over makeup and cosmetics in general. We met up at Elianto Trinoma (and I was late! :( I haaaate being late), then went straight to G-lish since some of their items were half-off. I had been looking around on the G-lish website before and I had decided I wanted to try some of their e/s and a blush maybe. I ended up buying two Gelato Eyes Cream for 60php each (that's just a little over $1). I was actually kind of surprised that it was sort of a creamy consistency--I mean, I tried using a brush with it earlier and it hardly picked up much...looks like it's more for finger application.

They look like this:
Do you not love the holo effect? And the name is so cute!

And you can stack them up like this! It think this is a nice feature.

I have swatches!
They're sooo shimmery. Well, I can't really describe it..they're just SHINY.

I'm going to do a review on those later on. :)

Moving on, I also bought a blush from G-lish, from the Patrick Rosas line. It was half-off, so from originally 350php I got it for 175php (roughly a little less than $4).

I'll also be doing a review on this one


I also bought an Elianto gel eyeliner brush. I tried it out and it is just amazing! Just the right control, right stiffness of the bristles... When I first tried using gel eyeliner I couldn't manage because the brush I had was too soft. Now I can apply it just like that (*snap* hehe). I took a quickie picture, so here it is:

I love the shadow play in this picture, which is why I didn't crop it.

My next purchase is a Kabuki brush from Nu Yu minerals. It's supposed to have been made from rabbit hair (poor rabbits!!). I couldn't resist getting it, it was on sale for 280php (a little less than $6) and it was so soooft I had to get it! I washed it today, too--no shedding whatsoever. I'm so glad I found this brush, it'll be a perfect (hopefully) replacement for my Elianto powder brush. By the way, Nu Yu minerals is in SM North Edsa, just by The Surplus Shop close to the department store entrance. I only really liked their brushes (just the buki, baby buki, and full size buffer brush just like Ellana's) and maybe their jumbo lip pencils. Their MMU was kinda...meh.

This is the brush (I put extra big pictures cause I loooove how floofy it is):

Those hairs were just long, I cut them down to size

And for the last part of my haul, I went to the PAC counter at SM North Edsa (the SA knows me already! Lol. She's practically all :D whenever I'm there, cause I can never leave without getting anything :[). I got me some white eyeliner because I've been wanting some for a while (review later), and my first ever lipstick. Well, my first ever lipstick that I've bought for myself. Both items were 399php each (lipstick was on sale, originally 499), around $8.

Let me just say, I love PAC's packaging! Except for the lipstick case, it's matte and is easily scratchable. :( But I love that the stuff comes in boxes.

I love this lipstick! It's so creamy, it just glides~. It's so easy to apply, and it just stays on. And the shade is perrrfect, like my lips but better perfect. I'm definitely gonna wear this every time I go out. Worth the moolah! I think I'm gonna get my mom one of these in a pinkish shade for mother's day.

Quick swatch--sorry forgot to take no-flash swatch

That's basically it for my haul! Gia also gave me something today, which made me feel even worse about not having anything to give her. T_T 

Pure glycerin (YAY!! Been looking around for thisss), Body Shop shower gel (I think, have to recheck) and falsies. She is just the sweetest. :D

And before I end this post, I of course have to post up a pic of Gia and me outside The Block. I'm gonna steal it from Gia because my Canon camera ran out of battery as I was getting the picture onto my laptop. Wth. And I don't have a card reader.

Look at my giddy smile! Lol.

All in all I had a really good day today, even if I had a headache through half of it, and a cold that's on it's last leg. I really had fun! :)

How about you, how did you spend your day? ^_^

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Look Contest

Why yes, another one!! I decided I would try my hand at all the contests I could since mostly this is the only way (and/or best way) for me to practice my skills. I don't wear makeup out just yet and I doubt I'd be able to wear the crazy looks I do out in public, so...contest contest!

This look in particular, for me, is actually pretty wearable. I'd wear it in public if I had the chance, or during a special occasion. It's actually quite surprising, in a pleasant way, to realize that pink looks good on me too. I used to think that red is the only lipcolor that looks okay on me and peach tones are the only good blushes on my cheeks. I don't know, what do you think about the look I did? Does the pink look okay on me?

Moving on, this spring look is for Chyix2's contest. I had fun with this cause I played around with colors I never would have gotten to use otherwise (I'm all for the neons/brighter colors!).

This is step by step so there will be quite a bit of pictures...but I resized them and made them smaller! :) Next time I'll be sure to make them even smaller in file size.

What I used: 
FACE: The Face Shop makeup primer in green, Ellana intense coverage foundation in Hazelnut Latte, Ellana finishing powder in espresso con panna, Ellana mineral concealer in smile
CHEEKS: Aziza blush/highlighter duo, PAC e/s in brown for contour
LIPS: Aziza lipstick (shade got erased), ELF lipgloss on top
EYES: Art Deco Eyeshadow Base, Elianto single shimmer e/s in ivory, PAC palette, Coastal Scents 88 palette, VOV eyeshadow in yellow, Elianto stay-on eyeliner, Aido eye putti + No brand falsies

1) Apply the Elianto Shimmer e/s in Ivory wet over both lids. This will serve as base to make the colors pop better.

2) Apply yellow (I used PAC + VOV) in the inner corners of the eyes

3) Apply pink in the middle part of the eye lids

4) Take a purple and blend it into the outer V and crease. Also, take a darker shade to emphasize the crease even more. Blend blend blend!

5) Get some green and put it under your eye below the waterline

6) Line eyes - Sorry my eyes are red, still fighting off a cold!

7) Apply light shimmer yellow from 88 palette to highlight under the brow

8) Mascara

9) Contour and blush

10) Fill in brows

11) Lipstick + lipgloss!

Here is what we have so far:

12) Apply falsies! For this I used green/blue/purple falsies but it's not so visible.



Thanks for reading! Hope you have a good day!

Spice Girls Contest

I decided to join Whit's contest, and thankfully I did have the time today to do a look. It didn't turn out the way I had expected it to because some of the e/s wouldn't pack on and just kept fading--I'm talking to you CS silver eyeshadows!

I decided to do a look based on Scary Spice (http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f370/delandscr18/scary_spice.jpg). Well, she was my inspiration, but essentially I made "my own" Spice Girl.

I didn't really like Scary Spice as a kid...I wanted to be like Posh. But in general I used to love the Spice Girls--that was...whoa, back in 2nd grade! Lol...I think 2nd or 3rd. I don't really remember anymore. But anyway...

My Spice Girl name is "Danger Spice"--tacky but, sorry! Couldn't think of anything else. :P Besides, I think the colors remind me of those caution tape thingies.

Stuff used (some of the single e/s didn't get used just didn't want to take them out of the container)

And of course pictures, which DO NOT give the vibrancy of the yellow justice.

I had fun with the hair, but it was a hell to undo--had to shower to get all the hairspray out so I could untangle everything!

Here so you can see my jacket of awesomeness

Tried to do a scary spice look thing..didn't work XD

Trying to look fierce

Had to throw this one in, it looked pretty!

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