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Friday, May 1, 2009

Bought stuff and made a mistake + QUESTIONS

Hello blogger ladies! How are you today/tonight? :)

So today my aunt left to go back home to the US. I miss her already, it's so quiet here without her. She's quite fun, and I'm a bit sad now. 

Anyway, after we brought her to the airport, we passed by MOA (Mall of Asia) because I asked my mom if we could. We are rarely ever in the area so I decided it to ask her..and she said yes! I mostly asked because I heard there was a MAC counter there. I originally intended just to get my skin swatched to see what shade I was...and I ended up buying MAC studio fix powder foundation. x.x

MY MOOLAH! Its goooone. :(

YES, ladies, this is the start of my search for my HG foundation.

As it turns out I'm NC35. I love that it is the perfect shade for me, but maaaaybe I shoulda bought the liquid foundation for better coverage. That's mistake number one. XD But I like that it's light and feels like nothing on my face. Not too good a coverage though. I just have to get rid of my acne scars and I'll be set--so girls, I NEED your help! What's a good way to do that? Cheap, too.

I took a few pictures because I did my makeup today just so I could see how well the foundation would fare with my oiliness and the weather. Too bad it was kind of not so hot today and I didn't sweat so I didn't get to test it on that, but with the oilies...

Just applied. LOOK AT THE FLASH PICTURE. MY SKIN IS THE EXACT SAME SHADE AS MY NECK. Usually I had a problem with that. But I have found my shade!!

After a couple of hours, top pic without flash, bottom pic with flash. You can see the oiliness there, with the sheen...but without the flash (top pic) it looks pretty matte. I tried oil blotting papers with it and it works quite well, but takes some of the powder away. Tomorrow I'm going to try dusting mineral finishing powder over it to see if that works better.

I don't think this is my HG foundation, but this will be my foundation for a while. At least a year or I finish it because no way am I going to spend so much freaking money again in a long time. Right now I owe my mom and friend at least 3000php total. Oy vey! Hahaha~

SO I'm doing the 10 pan thing...so I can pay everyone back and save up (I will do this after I get the TFS primer/pore minimizer thing). Anyone else doing this challenge? How have you done with it so far?

I really really enjoyed being at the MAC counter though. I did not look through half the things there because it made my heart hurt having so many things around that I could not afford... Sniffle. How I wish I had money! Or at least a way to make money. I was around soo sooo much high end makeup my pocket ached. We left right after we went to the MAC counter because my wallet = empty. Eek! Oh, would you believe that on the way home we got caught up in the labor day rallies? Sigh sigh.

Anyway, tonight I was rubbing off my makeup (my aunt gave me the Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford set) and I got it all off, I THOUGHT, but I started using my toner and there was so much left there!! So, stupidly, I started washing my face again. Used my usual products instead (holy moly MAC is HARD to get off!), and there was still some stuff on the cotton ball I was using with the toner...but by then my face ached and felt so dry that I just let that go and put my usual face stuff on it, plus the night treatment from Meaningful Beauty. I was so rough on my skin tonight. :( I feel so bad.

My skin is itching, and I think it's because the stuff I use (minus the MB stuff) is really drying it out. But it's what my dermatologist gave me and she didn't give me any moisturizer to use with it...but I think I'll start using moisturizer. My under eye is so dry.. CRAZY dry, that it looks like I have wrinkles. I hate that! I have a problem with my face, like some parts (around the eyebrows in the inner parts of it, under eyes...) are SO dry, and everything else is OILY! Does anyone else have this problem? How do you deal with it? [ETA, I use moisturizer in the day...I know I should at NIGHT but I don't know if it'd mess with the acne treatment I'm using. :/]

Sorry this post is so full of questions, loves. I hope you can help and if you take time out to, thank you! :)

How did you spend your day today? I've been watching Ghost Whisperer with my mom the whole day...now she's sleeping. Hehe.

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Karma Cee said...

its on youtube. its a huge contest with all the gurus. lots and lots of prizes

donnarence said...

weeh.. mac studiofix..:D mine got crushed. thank god it was from my aunt.. still having qualms if i should buy one for myself.. NC35 look ghostly on me.. :C wrong shade,, btw,, it love the e/s your wearing.. :D

pastel19 said...

It looks like a great match on you :) I'm scared to try MAC foundation incase it breaks me out!

rayqueenbee said...

It look like a great match on you and it seems like it has worked better on you giving you the full coverage unlike me...I have the studio fix powder too, I really like the coverage but it could be better, because I love full coverage, but for me to get full coverage I have to apply a lot and then it starts to look cakey on me and looks terrible when I start to get oily in my t-zones. I use it with the studio finish concealer. This concealer is worth the investment but the powder is also but dependent on your skin type, I have few acne scars and blemishes so its not fully great for me, but I am thinking of getting the liquid f/d (I've been told it gives great coverage).

Pop Champagne said...

mmm well I use oil free moisturizer... I only use foundation on my problematic areas ie on my pimples and gloss my cheeks over with blush. I have those oil absorbing pads in my desk at work... I have feeling oily during the day!

Diane said...

amazing foundation match. it matches you perfectly. you lucky butt! For me, the clinique foaming cleanser that I use is quite drying but I love using the oil of olay night cream as a moisturizer day and night. it lacks spf but i can always add it on. it doesn't break me out and it's cooling. I hope that helps!

tiff said...

That foundation is an excellent match. It looks very natural. Whenever I have dry spots I usually just exfoliate gently then pat on an oil free moisturizer. My skin used to be a bit oily but moisturizing never made it worse since I always used one that's oil free :).

Catherine said...

OMG... you're not using a moisturizer???? Chrissy, that's probably why your skin is so oily - when your skin is dehydrated, it produces more oil as a way to protect itself from being dried out more. I used to have really oily skin too until I started using jojoba oil as a moisturizer. I had tried a lot of different moisturizers before, but with this, in 2 months, my skin did a total 180. I used to have to use blotting sheets 3x a day. Now I have tolerable shine by 5pm and blot if I remember to. I'll do a more detailed post on my skincare routine soon, but feel free to email me w/ questions. =)

Mary said...

Chrissy~I think the foundation matches well! Agree with Catherine about using a moisturuzer.

DeBi said...

your skin looked amazing with the foundation!!! oh and by the way, try putting some good ol' night cream around your eyes. and please USE a moisturizer after toning. it helps your skin to rehydrate.

Chrissy said...

@Donnarence - Oh no. :( I hate anything getting crushed!! For such an expensive product, I'd be like NOOOOOO. Lol. Thanks about the e/s comment. ^^

@Rayqueenbee - Yes it is an amazing match, but tbh it didn't really give me full coverage either. It was a bit of a stupid move, buying it, since I have a lot of things to cover up. But, well...live and learn! Next time I'm getting liquid, or another brand altogether. I will check out the concealer though, thanks.

@Pop Champagne - I will have to get myself oil free moisturizer! I can't just use foundation on problem spots though...my problem spots are all over. Lol!

@Diane - I'll check the product out, thanks for the recommendation! :) I need something with SPF for the day, though.

@Tiff - Thanks, I'll do that. Good thing I didn't toss the St. Ives yet! :)

@Catherine - I use moisturizer in the day. I know I should at night, but I'm not so sure I should use one with the product I'm using right now... But I will. Since I don't want my skin dry and oily and weird. :/

@Mary - Thanks, I do use moisturizer in the day. ^_^

@Debi - I used some last night, and I will use a moisturizer from now on.

Crissy said...

oh yeah moisturizer will help lol I feel like the oil free ones don't do much.

I've been trying out Almay's one for combo skin. It actually soaks into your skin and there's little shine!! 8D

You areeeee lucky to find your shade but yeah the liquid provides so much coverage and it still looks light.. too bad it's expensive D:

Chrissy said...

Crissy, I know I feel like the oil-free ones don't do anything as well. But I will just find something oil free so it won't worsen my skin.

Almay isn't available here. :(

Yes I am lucky to find my shade, this is the silver lining...but tbh I should have bought the liquid. Same price!

Crissy said...

Aww well if I manage to find it in stores again.. I'll send you one to try out!

Chrissy said...

Aww that's so sweet. Thanks. :)

Kat said...

Chrissy, I'm not going shopping with you until I win the lottery. Oy vey! XD

Chrissy said...

Kat, why!!

Blair said...

Hello Chrissy!

I'm also looking for THE product to remove acne scars, but for now, I'm using rose hip oil. It does lighten the scars but it takes quite some time to work O.o

Hahaha yeah MAC is so expensive in Asia!

MizzJ said...

Hmm I would try getting an eye cream and dotting little bits around your eyes before you go to sleep, that's what I use. Gotta keep those eyes looking moist or else you'll get wrinkles! :S

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