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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Help a girl out!

So today I got a comment from LaaLaa of Dolce Vanity. Due to an unfortunate accident, her blog got deleted, so she is starting from scratch.

To everyone who followed her before and to everyone who hasn't heard or read her blog, please re-follow and check out her blog! She is a really awesome lady. :)

She got her old blog back!!

Also, I would like to give http://kikaymomster.blogspot.com a quick thank you for being my 100th follower! She is new to blogging so check her blog out! :)


Anonymous said...

omg your a star thank you sooo much for this!!

you don't know how much this means to me!! xo


Chrissy said...

You're welcome! :) xo

Vanessa M. said...


Pop Champagne said...

yay!! Congrats on 100!! :D

KohLepe said...

=) you are so nice!! I'll def check both blogs out. Thanks for the links.

Belle Du Jour said...

I love your blog! Great work!
Come stop by mine and say hello and take a look around. Hope to see you there soon! :)
xx Belle

Crissy said...

there's an option to undelete though :P

Sarah said...

Oooh I love checking out new blogs thanks for the links!!! Btw, I just emailed you my entry for your contestttttt!!!!

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