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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another nail post and NP brand review [Plus something scary]

I have another nail post for all of you! But first I have a frustrated rant about the government here. DX We went to the Comelec (commission for election I think?) to get me registered to vote because my political science professor requires it. We got there...there was NO parking available...and we went to get registered and whaddaya know, they WEREN'T THERE! They were out somewhere for a satellite registration. Now I'm all for that, bringing the register process to localities, but they should have people left in the office!! Wow...crap. That just really sucks. :/ Grr!! Anyhow, moving on to less annoying things (aka nail polish WOOHOO).

I did my nails today, after I got home and while mom and I were hanging out. I was doing it to relax! Lookie lookie...My cleanest application in..ever!! This is Caress regular nail polish in Tender Touch. Isn't it just gorgeous? And it applied so very nicely! One coat and it's perfect. See below:

(It's such a lovely color, too!) My lovely clean application. I followed the tip I've read somewhere (can't remember where) to not apply all over the nail to the cuticle and sides...and wow. I agree, it looks so much cleaner!! Of course this wasn't my NOTD...I had to add something else!

I added tips in Caress regular nail polish in Sea Pink. It's quite gorgeous but quite sheer as well, though it applied smoothly. And then I added a little bit more to make it preeeeettier!

White double tip, pink square rhinestones! It's not perfect, but I love me my NOTDays! :) LOL at NOTDays, but I don't know what else to call it! I would wear it for a few days but not a week, thereby it's not a NOTW..nor is it  NOTD. So...any suggestions for what else I can call it? Haha. I'm odd.

I decided I'd do a mini-review of this nail polish brand for those who are interested. Caress is locally made here in the Philippines, according to the sticker on the back of the bottle it is manufactured in Caloocan.

The lighting got all purdy by chance! LOL.

They have 10mL bottles, retailing around 22.75PHP (roughly $0.50) although prices may differ depending on which department store you purchase yours at. Here is my small albeit colorful collection of nail polish from this brand.

From left to right: passion, sea pink, tender touch, neon pink, neon yellow, neon orange, neon apple green, neon blue, frosted orange (no shade name), bluestocking frost

I like that these polishes are quite cheap, and are relatively good, but here is the bad news. The consistency of the polishes vary greatly. Some shades can apply nicely in one coat, others need up to five, or MORE! Some are good and apply perfectly, some intensely streaky. What's worse is that these get globby fast. Other shades, i.e. the neons, apply insanely sheer and need several coats. Apart from that, because you applied them so thickly, they crack on your nails, even with a top coat. They chip really fast as well. Also, I have noticed that if you do not use the Caress polishes (mostly the neons...must be the formulation) for some time, they dry inside the bottle and get even globbier. It gets really hard to use them so I just toss them and buy new ones (thankfully, it's cheap!).

Here is a picture of the consistency:

As you can see the neon yellow is very...sheer. And my new favorite from the brand on the right--opaque!

I got some news about cheap nail polishes, too. I don't know if ALL the polishes do this...but all the polishes in my collection do (aka every nail polish I own is cheap roflz). I guess this is why we need good base coats!!

The nailpolish vs styrofoam test.
L-R: Maybelline, Chic, LA Colors, Caronia, Mwah!, Wet 'n Wild, Caress

Additional: Careline (superblack)
Click on the image to enlarge. But I posted a zoom pic:

See? The styrofoam is all MELTED.


Check this out!! That yellow one was half an inch deep.

Just thought I would share this with you gals. :) Hope you find it helpful!


Kaz said...

omg i think i also have that Mwah! Is it the black one w/ glitters? HAHA.

that styro test is so scary. what base coat do you recommend? :D

& love the nails! i can never do french tips! how do you do it so cleaaaan?

Chrissy said...

Kaz, I don't know what base coat to recommend. I tried my base coat on it (I use LA Colors) and that happened too. LOL. As for the french tips, I don't know! I just go reaaally slowly.

Pop Champagne said...

I always love what you do with your nails. How do you paint the end so smooth like that? Do you have those nail stickers that you stick on like how you'd paint a house without painting the baseboards? hehe I'm kind of a newbe when it comes to nails...

Chrissy said...

Thanks! I replied on your blog. :)

*KiM* said...

that's scary....that's why I'm currently using the faceshop nail polishes =)

Mary said...

Your nails are lovely and such a neat application! I love the main nail color, especially.

Chrissy said...

@Kim - Sis I know it's scary!! I want to try face shop nail polishes sometime. At the same price as Elianto I would rahter get it after all.

@Mary - Thank you, I tried! And yes I do also love the main color, it's quite nice!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

wow your nails are so cute. such a nice pink colour!! you have such long nails, they look really elegant (unlike some ive seen lol)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i agree some polishes have different textures & since i just use local polishes so its not a big deal if it got old & the texture is not good..

i can toss it without thinking that i waste my money for nothing...lol!

Tish said...

The Face Shop base coat is a good one. My pussy red nails lasted for two weeks without chipping or breaking. HTH!

mszcheysser said...

=O That's quite scary but nice discovery, my dear! You are so good with nail polish. I envy you. I go crazy after the first 3 fingers or so.

Anonymous said...

Your nails look amazing :)

I love tha nail art you did on them. I cant even paint a white tip on myself without it going everywhere LOL.

chunkee munkee said...

your nails are so pretty! how do you get them so long?

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Your nails are so pretty, I wish I could grow mine to look that nice.

tiff said...

I love your nails, they always look great :).

Shantee said...

I love your nails!
You do your french tips so perfect! :)

Fifi said...

beautiful nail colors! I love the french tips, you did it so well!

*Nehs* said...

wow! very pretty! ugh.. i can't do that on my own nails. :((

Ida said...

i wish i could apply my nail polish that nicely! it looks super clean and smooth and the color is so dainty :)
but that is scary about the styro test.
good luck with registering...i'm 24 but have never registered (how embarassing)

Catherine said...

Lol... yea, it's b/c older formulations of nail polish are based with organic solvents like acetone and toluene... which... are like paint thinners. I'm a little sad b/c my nails are actually quite damaged (weak, peely and flaky) from a) using cheap polish and b) not allowing them enough time to breathe between coats. Right now I have my nails trimmed to the shortest they've ever been and they're still chipping a little. ;_; So I'm looking for a good base coat/nail strengthener too! Let me know what you find!

izumi said...

VERY pretty :) i'm loving your notd's too!

Catmare said...

love the colors of your caress nail polish collection! i'm using nail polish from the face shop. i'm not sure if they have the same effect on styros. maybe i'll try that sometime :)

my beauty corner said...

ohh where did you learn about the styro experiment thing? haha :D looks odd.. but if ever you can get hold of "sosyal" polish (Sally Hansen, OPI.. ahem haha), pls do the styro experiment again and we'll see if the quality fits the price haha :D

Chrissy said...

@NicNic - Thank you, girl! That's a really nice comment. :) Too bad I broke my nail and had to cut them.

@Thiamere - yes but it does add up too! :(

@Tish - yes it is good. Jellylike! But it still failed the styro test.

@Cheysser - Just practice! Hehe.

@Shakira - Thanks! Takes a lot of practice and trial and error, to be honest. :)

Chrissy said...

@Chunkeemonkee - I just waited. ^_^ They grew over time.

@Dana - you could try? I just file down what doesn't look nice.

@Tiff, Shantee, Fifi, Nehs - Thaaank you!

Chrissy said...

@Ida - I would have never registered if it weren't required for school.

@Catherine - Thank you for the information! I will definitely see what I can find and let you know. We bought Jojoba oil and got some at last! :)

@Izumi - Thank you.

@Catmare - yes they have the same effect. I got the base coat, top coat and colorless from TFS

@Noi - I learned of it from a nail salon close by. :) THey compared OPI, Essie to local. Of course the 2 won! XD I will let you know when I get my hands on more "sosyal" stuff. :D

Shortiee31 said...

:o Your nails look gorgeous!!


such pretty nails! i wish i could do things like this.

Sonya said...

You have some nail skills!!

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