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Friday, May 22, 2009

You know you're a Filipino When...

So, the sweet sweet Cheysser of http://mszcheysser.blogspot.com/ is having a contest for her Filipino readers. I think this is super awesome (of course since I live in the Philippines--LOL!), and she is just so thoughtful because she is holding her contest for us since she understands it's hard to get some cosmetic products here.

Her rules are:

So what are the requirements?

01. You must be a follower of my blog, of course!
02. You must be in the country of the Philippines.
03. You must be able to get a package from USPS.

So what's the contest?

01. In your blog, list down
5 things that you enjoy about being a Filipina/Filipino
5 things that about being a Filipino
5 values that you keep as a Filipino
5 stereotypes that represent you (Pointing with your lips, when you give directions)
Talk about one filipino celebrity that you admire
Pick any one of them! I'M NOT SAYING TO TALK ABOUT EVERYTHING. That's too much. =P

02. Be creative, add pictures/videos e.t.c
03. Link me in your blog! :)

How do you win?

01. I will be judging - and I will ask 1-2 other fellow bloggers from Guam to help me!

What are the prizes?

01. In my package, I will include products from NYX (Mainly, because this is the most common thing that I get comments about) and "Insert SECOND common Drug Store Brand in here".

** Please comment me, telling me which drug store brand that you are having a hard time finding in the Philippines, as well. If you are the winner, I will shop for your prize. :) And also, that you're entering in my contest! LOL.


And create a look with the Philippines' flag color, I will include a GRAND PRIZE. That is if you win.


I would like to end this on June 7, 2009, so that I can send the package with my parents when they go to the Philippines but date might change to June 30, 2009 if I decide to just send it with USPS. I will let you know. =)

Sorry that I will not be able to provide High-end prizes - I'm being realistic! I need some more of those myself, lol. xD

Just to let the public know, I don't mind how many people join. It could be 1 or it could be 100, I just want to help someone without having to swap - I just did a different approach. & It's a great way to learn know more about the ladies. [Edited 8:51pm of 05/22]

So, for today...I've got for you some stereotypes that represent Filipinos. I don't mean to offend any Filipinos, at all, of course! This is just for fun. And these are just some of my observations.

All images are by me! Drawn mediocre-ly in Photoshop. LOL.

To some people, one word could mean many things. For example, take the word "pail". Pail could mean "bucket". It could also mean...well--if you were sending a message on your phone and there was no signal--message sending pailed. It could also be, "Oh no, you pail!" (Fell). Or...it could be, "baby you know how I pail about you..." And many other things. The many dialects and languages in the Philippines gives people many different accents...thus the many meanings of one thing.

2) Funny Signs! I'm not making fun of anyone...it's just amusing sometimes to see such ironic signs. These signs are scattered all over the city--either on storefronts or painted on walls... But yes. I don't have actual pictures, but I think you might find the following rather amusing:

3) Referring to stuff using brand names. When some Filipinos refer to things, most often than not, we refer to them in brand names. For example, when buying at sari-sari stores (convenience stores), instead of asking for toothpaste, we say, Can I buy some Colgate? Or, instead of saying "felt tip pen", we refer to all of them in general as "Pentel pen". When we take pictures, instead of saying "let's pose for a few pictures", we say "mag-Kodakan tayo" (Note the use of Kodak).

4). Using landmarks instead of street signs to get around. Knowing how things are in the Philippines, you'd be very lucky to find an intact street sign. Usually, street signs' paint are peeling, or...well, practically unreadable due to small size. My mom once told me that at her job there was this messenger...and just randomly at some point in time he got lost. Why?

Instead of reading street signs, he had an empty lot as a landmark to know what street he was on. So when something got built on that lot...well--he got lost.

5) Filipinos most probably have a cross-stitched work of The Last Supper in their house.

6) Filipinos nod with their eyebrows. It's complicated to explain.. but a quick raise of both eyebrows could mean 'yes', or it could be an acknowledgement if you see someone you know in the hall.

7) They bathe with a pail and a dipper (tabo). Well...that's how they do it old school. :P Now everyone's starting to get into the trend of electric shower heaters and all...but bathing with a pail and a dipper is so much more convenient and faster! Not to mention it conserves water more.

8) Don't want to buy too much of one thing? That's okay...everything here can be found in 'tingi'. Want just a tiny bit of detergent? Buy a sachet! Want some shampoo and conditioner for your trip? Buy sachets! Want facial wash? Don't want to commit? Buy a sachet!

9) The use of "HOY" and "PSST" to get someone's attention.

10) The Filipino "give me the bill" gesture. One calls for a waiter/waitress, holds up one or both hands, and makes a rectangle with forefinger/s and thumb/s.

11) Most Filipinos probably have an uncle named "Boy" and an aunt named "Baby" or "Girlie".

Whew!! That's all I could think of at the moment. Sorry, haha. I know it said 5 things but I couldn't resist! So. I also created a look for this using the colors of the Philippine flag. I didn't stop there, of course, I also created a 'nail-do' using the Philippine flag colors. :) Here is the 'nail-do' first.

Those are yellow stars on my nails (on top of the red part). I'm a nail-art noobie. :(

And the look (used mostly my usual face products, PAC palette and VOV yellow e/s. Ellana mineral blush in Lust and just ELF super glossy lip shine for lips)

Swatching and practice-blending on my hand. It was so hard deciding what to do!! Settled on using a white pencil eyeliner from PAC as a base...bad idea. :/ But things turned out okay! (Even though it's not very wearable...)

Camwhore time. >.>


Thanks for reading, lovelies! :)


mszcheysser said...

I am not too sure if the person holding the contest is allowed to reply. :) I'll be quiet for now. Haha.


And yes, yes! We have Rimmel!

Jean said...

Aw I love that last picture you have such a nice big smile :D

Catherine said...

Hehehe, you're so cute Chrissy! I really enjoyed reading that. The signs *are* hilarious lol.... And omg, love the beautiful multi-colored EOTD and your nails - girl you are TALENTED!!! I wish you could come and do my nails!!! I'm so uncoordinated lol....

izumi said...

very cute look.. and i LOL'd at all of your list items xD

* Jen * said...

I enjoyed reading your post Chrissy! LOL.

I love your nails! So cute! I can never do my nails like that. =)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

love your entry,girly!
as always

natawa ako dun a...which is really true!

love the nails & the look!
you so totally rock

Kaz said...

this is super creative! especially the nails!
i'm sure you can rock those eyes, girl.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

love the growl and wink pose!!! i wish i could more brighter colours like you! im so lazy!! haha. awesome nail art! <3

Cris said...

That's such a beautiful look :D!!! Good luck ^_^!!!
And I laughed hard at the 'Wanted: Boy Waitress' XD.

tiff said...

You look beautiful, and I love your nails! I love how the eyeshadow colors really brighten up your eyes. My mom always uses "Hoy!" to get someone's attention, and she always points with her lips :D.

Whit said...

lol that last pic is my fav! great look hun!!

Mz.Chrissy said...

Hello Chrissy =D idk if i can say this but i'm one of the judges ^.^ & I just wanna say love the nails & the make up & goodluck

DeBi said...

Girl, it is overly pretty!!!! I am not myself this week for i am bored to play with my make up (talk about hormonal changes...lol!)

Pop Champagne said...

wow I love your nails! How long did that take you to do? And your "You know you're Filipino When" is fun :D

Sarah said...

Awww you are sooo adorable Chrissy!!! I love the 3rd last and the last photo, soooooo cute! Love the eyes and the nails, you are such a talented little bunny aren't you :) Those signs are classic!!!!! I love quirky things like that they always make me laugh!!!

Catmare said...

hahahaha! so funny yet it's true! =D i love your nails, so pretty =)

Stephanie said...

Your look is soooo cutee! I love how you smile with your eyes :) Your nails are Philippines flag inspired huh? Looks like it! I'm not filipino, but my boyfriend is. So far, it seems like most of what you listed are true hahaha! Especially the one with the funny signs: he has a shirt that looks like a Chips Ahoy logo, but it says something else (I forgot it's translation hehe).

I wanted to acknowledge your following, and I hope to keep you interested! ;)

Anonymous said...

you are so witty talga! cute nails!

Chrissy said...

@Cheysser - Thanks for holding the contest girl! I really had loads of fun with this. Yay Rimmel!!

@Jean - Hehe. Thanks! ^o^

@Catherine - I know, they totally are hilarious!! Thanks so much for the compliments, you are so sweet. :)

@Izumi - Thanks! LOL. I was just stating the general truth in my list. XD

@Jen - THank you!! YOu can do your nails like that after some practice! Hehe. I practiced like CRAZY.

Chrissy said...

@Thiamere - Thank you sis!

@Kaz - Thanks! I would not wear the e/s out, no. XD At least not here. x.x

@NicNic - Thanks girl! The growl and wink pose makes me laugh LOL. Why don't you try using brighter e/s?

@Cris - I know!! That was the most hilarious thing I had seen in a while. XD

@Tiff - Thanks!! And yeah, lol, we do point with our lips a lot! For emphasis we even use our eyebrows/eyes!

@Whit - Thank you, your opinion means a lot to me. :)

Chrissy said...

@MzChrissy - Thank you so much!!

@DeBi - Aw I hope you get back to yourself soon! Hormonal changes suck but I am sure it's very worth it! ;)

@Sarah - Thanks so much, it means a lot to me! And I agree, trivial things can be quite funny sometimes. :D

@Catmare - Thanks girl!

@Stephanie - Thanks hehe. Spoof shirts are great, I see a lot of them here!

ilee said...

hi chrissie! really enjoyed your pinoy entry =) it's sooo true!

btw, i didn't quite get the 2nd five things....

luv the nails =)

catwithaxeofd00m said...

wooow, so cute and colorful

REESE / TETE said...


Chrissy said...

@ Ilee - Thank you!! I didn't get the 2nd five things either. :(

@catwithaxeofdoom - Thanks!!

@Reese - Aw thanks ha. :D

nerdygirlmakeup said...

Hi there :) This is so cute! I just happened to find your site. I'm a student too, and I know how you feel about having to save for makeup. I live in California, but I'll be visiting the PI soon. Take care :)

Anonymous said...

I'm Filipino and I've lived here in the Philippines all my life but lol... I didn't get most of the choices of the You Know You're Filipino when.... lol

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