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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Late post! Mother's Day...row row row your boattt!

Sorry I haven't been around lately girls, I'm sorry if I've missed commenting and/or reading a post or two. I'll make it up to you. My midterms today were fine, I didn't really have to worry so much but since I'm me,  I did anyway. Lolz. Moving on.

So! I spent Sunday with my family and friends. It was mother's day and although I gave my mom a mother's day present in advance she asked that as a present to her she wanted that the whole family would get together to visit the La Mesa Ecopark. So I took a day off from studying for my midterm so I could give her the present she wanted. I'm not sorry I did, we had a GREAT time!

When we got there, it was uber nice. The entrance was kinda...well, it reminded us of Jurassic Park. Once we got out of the car, the first thing we noticed was the cooler, fresher air. The entire place was full of trees! Fitting, because, it's an ecopark! Hehe. We went and looked around and the first thing we did was go boating.

We took two boats--mom and my two brothers in one, and me and 2 family friends (well, household help), in the other. I was the one rowing our boat so up until today my arms are sore! Hehe. It was not as easy as I thought.

Taking a break from rowing to camwhore. Hahah!

Still taking a break--Ate Gigi rowing for me. Ate Hazel behind me. It was so nice and peaceful there, but we definitely had a hell of a lot of OH SHIT moments! We thought we would topple over like a zillion times. Hehe.

JB, Mom and EJ

JB rowing | EJ rowing--he looks so weird. Lol! He could barely make the boat moveee~

The view from one side.

After we went boating, we posed for a few pictures... I'm so tempted to post the picture of EJ yawning, it's HILARIOUS, but I'm a nice big sister and wont embarrass him like that. Hehehe. So I'll post the proper pic.

LOL @ the guy behind us looking at the camera.

After having fun boating, we went to go to the horses. Only EJ and I wanted to take the horseride so...yeah. The pics were not at all flattering so I'm not including them here. After the horsie rides (I nearly got kicked off twice! Hehehe) we went and climbed up to go see the water in the reserve. There were 170 steps, and once we got up there we were wheezing. Mom and I were at least...everyone else was fine and dandy.


Upstairs! Lol I was so sweaty and breathless. Hehehe.

After this we went home because we were so tired, and we just couldn't go around anymore. We passed by Ever Gotesco Commonwealth because that was where we usually get our glasses. It was near my prep school/grade school/high school so I practically grew up at the Ideal Optical Shop there..we get 50-70% off discounts on frames and services. Yay for discounts, right? My brothers needed new glasses (trivia: all of us in the family wear eyeglasses) so there we were. While they were getting their glasses I was walking around...and I got stuff! Hehe. I couldn't resist. I didn't technically break my 10-pan thing because my mom gave me the money to buy this stuff. Yay!

I got three nail polishes...not pictured. And I got falsies for CHEAP! 34PHP each pair, roughly $.70. Isn't that just cheap? The brand is Kinepin and it's apparently from Japan, and made from animal hair.

In the cute packaging. You can see the price! :D

Good quality and packaging for $.70!! I'm thinking about going back and geting more pairs.

And of course, I have to finish this off with a picture of my nails from Sunday:

They remind me of Star Trek. O.o;; Look, Brooke, diagonals! :D I tried it. :P

Also, I need your advice, girls. For some reason my face has gotten OILIER since I started using moisturizer. I realized that the dryness was from my skin asthma and I dealt with it, but now my face is just so OILY and it won't go back to normal. Normally it's tolerable but now within 5 minutes of washing my face, there is shine. I haven't changed my routine at all--same products, same order and routine, same diet...so tell me what is going on!! The spots on my face are going away but they are still there... I'll deal with that another time I just want the oiliness to go away. :(


my beauty corner said...

about the oiliness, hormonal changes i guess? o.O
waaah i don't know.. what about skipping the moisturizer if your cleanser has enough moisturizing properties already? im not sure it would work but try to give it a go.. :D
belated happy mother's day to your mom! :)

Shantee said...

omg i love your nails! :)

donnarence said...

whoa!! those falsies are really nice..

Mary said...

Those pictures look like you all had fun for Mother's Day! Love your nails and yes, they do look like Star Trek :)

Blair said...

I remember going kayaking once, it was fun! Although the kayak didn't even move when I rowed hahaha

Nice falsies!

Chrissy said...

@Noi - I guess so. :( I have stopped using moisturizer since I got oily!! And thanks, to your mom too.

@Shantee - Thank you! :)

@Donnarence - I know, right? And so cheap!!

@Mary - Thanks. We did have fun hehe. :) And I know, that totally wasn't my intention though.

@Blair - Kayaking is something I really wanna try!! It took me a while to get the hang of the boat rowing but I got the hang of it pretty fast. :)

Pop Champagne said...

haha Jurassic park! It looks super nice though, the water looks great and it's all sunny. Hope you enjoyed yourself! And what great nails, love them ;)

Lily said...

cute nails! those are super cheap eyelashes! you should stock up!

rayqueenbee said...

Wow...the trip looks terrific, that so nice of your mom wanting the family to come together and do a nice evening on waters...I like the lashes too. About your oiliness,maybe you should consider not using the moisturizer because maybe your facial cleansing products contain moisturizing ingredients, so that maybe the reason for excessive oiliness. Love the stars on the nails.

Catherine said...

Awww, such cute pictures!

And ah... about the oiliness... I think it's probably a combination of your moisturizer and weather/hormonal changes. But I have to tell you, when I was looking for my HG moisturizer, I did go through a lot of products that made me more oily, even if lots of other girls thought they were amazing. Everyone's skin is different... =/

kavukz said...

girl..u look amazing in those photo..look very natural..

p/s: the kayaking looks awesome!

*KiM* said...

Chrissy...the lashes at landmark has the same price. I like it more coz it looks more natural. But if you prefer that kind yeah those are really good buy hehe =) I miss family bonding

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

looks like a lot of fun!!! love the nails. so funky and fun!

mszcheysser said...

Thanks for tagging me Chrissy - youre soooo sweet :)

I love the nails girlfriend!

And your mother days looks fun~

Whit said...

aww looks like you had a blast! i love your nails! you and your fam are so cute!

ilee said...

been planning for the longest time to go visit la mesa eco park. will go one of these days, just hopes it doesn't rain.

falsies are a steal =)

Crissy said...

Oh wow it's such a pretty park compared to the ones here lol You look so cute too! :D I lovee that piercing on you.

I got shine too after some moisturizer use. It sucks ! DX

Kaila said...

Buti pa kayo nakakapagfamily day! Hehe.. kami hindi D8 At ang cute ni EJ ha! Papasa na yan sa Going Bulilit ang cute nung mukha parang mamon/siopao..

Grabe, i admire your patience sa pagpaint ng nails! i tried fake nails dati kaso hirap tanggalin kasi nakaglue lang... :/

Sarah said...

Aww your photos are gorgeous!!!! Love your nails, they are amazing!!! I have the same problem, but it's usually only when I eat crap... but if your diet hasn't changed I'm not so sureee hmmm

* Jen * said...

Cute nails! =)

It's probably just the weather affecting your skin. I don't know for sure, but my skin tends to be oilier in the summer.

Anonymous said...

omg, I'd be so scared lmfao.
knowing my luck; I would of fell out/or the boat would of toppled aha.

love the nails.


wow that place look so fun!

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