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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Longest day ever and contest prizes!!

I had the longest day ever today. I'm gonna do this in like a time line to make it shorter and less boring.

- Got up at 6:30AM so we could go to Greater Lagro to try and sneak into satellite voters' registration by 8AM.
- 8AM...line is CRAZY. Asked officials if we could register on special consideration. Got told to talk to lawyer.
- 9AM - mom and I just left Greater Lagro, decided to go do the errands of the day. Deadline for Voter's Registration proof tomorrow, but I will try to get it in on Monday.
- 10AM - we were at Cubao, trying to find the upholstery shop to get a sofa upholstered. Turning onto the highway, a cab crashed into us from behind. Delayed 20 mins, cabbie drove off w/o trading insurance info or apologizing..or giving any cash for compensation. Down at least $100 for repairs. Back door of SUV knocked out of alignment, car central lock screwed up.
- 11AM - lost in Ortigas, trying to find parking space, Octagon building for Nu Skin demo we were invited to.
- 1:30PM - Starving. Nu Skin prices insane. $50 for 30mL moisturizer with SPF15 (which right then and there gave me the impression that it was not good for the price). Ended up buying pH balance pore mattifying toner (review coming soon)...just to buy something out of courtesy.
- 2PM - Stuck trying to find parking space at SM Megamall after being lost at least half an hour
- 2-4PM - eating, buying necessities
- 4-5PM - accompanying mom to apply for membership for something, broke a nail :(:(
- 6PM -  stuck in traffic driving home, meeting friend to get project raw videos, had an experience with a rude SA
- 7-9PM - edited video
- 10PM - posting on blog!

As you can see..crazy day. Insanely crazy day. :( I am so tired I can barely sit up! At least I came out of it with new NP, tinted sunscreen and a nice toner. Anywayyy moving on!!

As you all know, Gia (http://royalcoconut.blogspot.com) and I held a contest themed Beijing Opera, and it ended just a few days ago. We are announcing the winners on June 1, but here are the prizes. From my end it is:

A brush roll (handmade...well, sown by me), 4u2 Dreamgirl quad, Elianto firming eye mask, personalized/custom keychain, HK pen, 2 Elianto nail polishes (plus bonus items).

A closer look at the brush roll:

I made it...so it's not perfect. But I hope you like it anyway. 

It's quilted.


So those are the prizes (some of them) from my end. Let's take a look at what Gia is giving away:

She said to pick just one color of nail polish...and also that there are others she is giving away that she forgot to include in the photo. :)

I hope you girls had a better day (and have a better day) than I did! Tomorrow I am going to e hanging out with my friend...so I'll see you all around soon! I'm just gonnago to bed now...I'll catch up on reading blogs later. I've got a headache. x.x



hey crissy!!! Thanks for the comment dear!!! Wow you did have a busyyyy day!!! I never knew you were living in the P.I! WOW... you live close to where I live. I went there once and I LOVED IT! (MANILA) But I would sooo get lost... I plan to visit next year and actually do some majorrr SHOPPING!!! We have a small SM here but it is hella expensive. MY friends told me the SM in the Philippines is wayyyy better and cheaper!

chunkee munkee said...

sorry to hear about those downers in your day!
that brush roll is so cute! you did a fabulous job!

mszcheysser said...

Wow! You made that yourself? EEEEE! So talented, my dear! :)♥

Ooh. You had one busy day! Thats rough. Traffic in the Philippines makes me dizzy. Eeeek.

Crissy said...

Ahh WTH @ cab! at least apologize D: well i hope you two were okay!

Pssh the brush roll looks perfect!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

super busy
im pretty sure youi're exhausted by the end of the day...
im sorry about your nails though

i think the brush roll is best among the prized because im pretty sure its made with love!

Nanzy said...

awww look at the blush roll!!! so cute! and love the nail polishes too =) and sorry to hear about the car ...

Jennnyy. said...

sorry to hear about your long day! :( stupid inconsiderate drivers! the brush roll is super duper cute though :)

YingX said...

i tagged you. check out my blog.

Kaz said...

grabe naman your day, girl! (haha ang bakla ng pagkasabi). parang narinig ko na yang Nu Skin, a. hmm.

cute cute brush roll! you should make a tutorial on it! JOKE HAHA. love it.

dati nakita ko na yang dream girl & wanted to buy the one w/ the black/gray pero out of stock D:

-Yu- said...

ah! what a long and hard day! But a good rest after that...doesn't it feel fantastic?!
The prize are yummy! i can't wait for the winner announcement.

Chrissy said...

@Honey Bunny - Thanks! Yes I live here in the PI. You should come visit the Philippines again sometime!! I'd love to get to meet you. :) The SMs here are great!! You should visit SM Mall of Asia.

@Chunkeemunkee - Thank you!! I'm thinking about making more and putting them up for sale. :)

@Cheysser - Yes I did!! Thank you girl. Traffic in the Phils is awful, especially when you're driving!

@Crissy - I know right!! At least apologize. Sigh. We were okay! :)

@Thiamere - Yes it is made with love! Thank you very much for the nice comment. I was exhausted but I am better now.

Chrissy said...

@ Nanzy - Thankfully repairs weren't so expensive. Thanks!

@Jenny - Thanks!

@YingX - Thank you for tagging me! :)

@Kaz - bili ka ng 4u2!! Nice siya. Very pigmented. :) Also baka gumawa ako ng tutorial...pero iniisip ko kasi pwede ko ibenta. Eheh.

@Yu - Totally great to relax after a long day! Later tonight mom and I are gonna bond over masks and movies. We are both exhausted still.

Iyah said...

Ganda naman ng brush roll! :) I just bought a brush roll.. ehehe! :) Hope you feel better by now :) *hugs* and I envy your nails!! they are long and pretty!! share your secrets! :) Mine breaks all the time:(

Sarah said...

OMG you made that??? Chrissy!!!! You are so talented, wow! I couldn't sew to save my life, you clever cookie you :) Such gorgeous prizes, I bet you have had fun judging!!!! Hope you are feeling better :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

aww sorry to hear about your long day!

awesome prizes. gd luck to everyone!

Chrissy said...

@Iyah - Thanks! :D Unfortunately my nails broke during my long day. Lol. So my nails are short again. :(

@Sarah - Thank you so much!! Yes we definitely had fun judging. :D:D I do feel much better now.

@Nic Nic - Thank you!!!

Sophie said...

That Brush Roll is fab!

Ces said...

Chriselle!! I've been looking for a nice brush roll for a really long time. Tell me if you know any nice ones out in retail. All the ones I see are part of brush sets. OR tell me if you're selling! I'd buy one if I can afford it. Hahaha.

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