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Monday, March 23, 2009


Are for those who cannot afford to buy what they want. :(

I am one of those people!

On a student's allowance, how could I afford most of the stuff I want, after all? I also get rather reluctant to spend my money since I don't wear makeup everyday...but i think I'm going to start doing that once I get into MMU. So I'm currently eyeing Ellana makeup, since I read about it on various blogs that I now read religiously.

My wishlist:
MAC products
Eye makeup primers--UDPP, TFSI (I already have Art Deco, yay!)
Ellana mineral makeup (I don't like that I have to order online :()
Urban Decay
Lime Crime Shadows
Gel Liners and Gel Liners
Neutral Shadows
CS Shimmer Palette (I bought the matte palette but it's still not here after one month!!)

I hope one of these days I would get to cross out stuff from this list, but as for now I'm pretty sure I'm just going to add more and more to it.  


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