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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Haul and LOTN I never wore out

I mentioned the other day that I got a pretty bad manicure (it got ruined right away!), so I ended up doing my own nails instead (fingernails, I left my toes alone since I rarely wear sandals). I did them in neon orange, neon green, and neon yellow (for the tip). What I did was, I took the polish, dabbed the excess off the brush onto a plastic lid--I think it was for my cotton container--and grabbed a hairpin. Using the end of that hairpin, I dipped it into the polish and kept making dots across my fingernails. I don't have nail art pens kasi e! And then I tipped my nails with the orange. I was actually quite surprised I managed since I never french-tipped before. I guess I was inspired, and frustrated with my botched first attempts.

So here is a picture of how my nails are now (and hopefully for weeks to come since this manicure will be quite easy to maintain, all I need is to dab more dots and coat on glitter and a topcoat):

My nails are pretty, no? I just love neons.

Anyway, yesterday morning I went to a friend's. They were supposed to pick me up at SM North Edsa but the jeep I was taking wasn't passing by there it seemed, so I got down at Trinoma...and went straight into Landmark (right after opening--so I was just on time!). I was disappointed because not all the stores were open, and some sales chicks were pretty damn rude to me. Just because I don't look like the type that would wear makeup... forget it. HAHA.

Because I was waiting for so long, I ended up shopping--and I told myself I wouldn't do this because I just bought Ellana stuff, but I couldn't help it. I needed liquid eyeliner and blush...I can't say I'm not disappointed with what I bought, but well..it was an impulsive buy.

I bought:

ELF blush in glow, elianto shimmery e/s in ivory, elianto stay-on liquid eyeliner in black

I have swatches:

Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the e/s and blush without flash (I may have but I think I deleted it).

Anyway, I wouldn't repurchase the blush or the eyeliner. Revlon was out of stock kasi, and elianto seemed like a good choice... sigh! I don't like the runniness of the elianto... it has a felt tip, and the salesgirl claimed it was waterproof, but I ran it under water and then swiped my finger across it and most of it came off. Pff. The blush is too shimmery for me and it isn't the right shade (I didn't try it...tsk. Oh well, it was just P129.75).  I could wear it when I'm having just lipgloss days (which is a lot of the time).

The e/s however is pretty good--I just had trouble getting my lids to be white! Haha. Well, I really jsut bought it for highlight, but you be the judge if it worked. Here is an LOTN that I took off before I went out (I went out bare-faced with just red lippie instead) because I realized I didn't want to call attention to myself.

There were a lot of firsts for me on this one--I used the maybelline cream foundation for the first time, and my 88 palette (and the elianto e/s in ivory as highlight)...and my Art Deco eye primer. Holy moly, primer+e/s = magic! Haha. I feel like an idiot, but oh well. I really wish I had more occasions to wear pretty e/s to. Also, I hadn't filled in my eyebrows in that picture.

I was wearing the elianto eyeliner and the elf blush in those pictures, too. I know my eyes don't look even, but I swear it's jsut because one is puffy from getting poked with a brush. XD I know I did a shabby job on blending, but well...I didn't know it would be so hard when there was a primer underneath! It's all worth it though.

I need new face powder...mine doesn't match my shade anymore.


Anonymous said...

that's a pretty nice loot ^_^ I haven't tried elianto yet just the nail polish :p oh well. I like what you did with your nails XD so funky maybe I should do take a snapshot of my nails. i will try frosted french tip since i got reminded by your purty nails ^_^ do try falsies! :p maybe i could send you some next time XDD (coz i am low on moolah powers now XDD)

Chrissy said...

I'm afraid of poking my own eye if I tried falsies! It'd be really sweet if you sent me some, though you don't have to--I understand how it is to be low on moolah. :(

The Elianto e/s is okay, although this is the only one I have. XD The eyeliner isn't too good though. Ugh! And so expensive pa. Disappointing. :(

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