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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lookie what I got today!

I finally get to claim my CS palette--after weeks of nervous waiting!

Well, I'm still nervous... what if some of the shadows broke? :( I hope not!

I got my ARTDECO eye primer today too, courtesy of my friend Sam (last two in stock, and she was lucky enough to buy them both!), so I can't wait to just try my CS 88 matte palette tomorrow! I know, I know, I rode the bandwagon totally late, but hey, at least I found out about it before the product got phased out or whatever. :)

Already I'm starting to think about what else I gotta buy, haha. Blush palette, neutrals palette... sighhh! Oh, and definitely mineral makeup. I gotta try that!

Also, I was on the CS website today and I noticed that they have new palettes on there! They look cool, definitely.

Someday Coastal Scents should make a like, full neons/bright colors palette. Like the Bobbi Brown brights.


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