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Thursday, March 26, 2009


So I finally gave in and ordered mineral makeup from a friend (who has a sister, who has a friend that is a representative).

I ordered the following:
Makeup primer P400
Cafe Mocha and Toffee Mocha foundation Intense Coverage 1g each P200 (I'm still trying out the shades to see which fits me)
Fulfillment blush 1g P100
Concealers: smile, awake and innocence 1g each P300
Passionate moisturizing lip color P150
Baby buki brush P300
Oil absorbing finishing powder in almond coffee cream 1g P100

My wallet hurts. :(

I didn't get any eyeshadow muna. I hope I can get them soon...I wanna play with mineral makeup! Haha.

http://dazzlecloset.multiply.com is where I ordered, sorta. My friend is mediating for me so I don't have to use the order form etc na.


Anonymous said...

oh i love ellana ^_^ please do a review on the primer :p
add me here on blogspot! ^_^

Chrissy said...

Okay, sure thing! I'll let you know once I get the primer. :D I'll add you when I get back home later.

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