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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mini "haul" for the day!

Hello blogging world! This is my first proper post on my blog. :D Inaugural much?

So, I went to the derma with my mom. It wasn't my appointment, it was my aunt's. We went anyway...nakisingit kami. I just really needed to get a persistent allergy checked--turned out it was a skin asthma!

So then I get recommended treatments, etc...it was my first time at a derma so I was rather shocked at how expensive treatments could get! But I only spent Php2125 (including PF of what we guess is around 300-500) for now--I got recommended to fix my skin asthma rashes first before we started treating for my pimples and oily skin (>.<).  So I took home acnewin soap, an ointment, gel sunblock, 5 days worth of Claritin, a clindamycin solution and NeoStrata AHA lotion--which I can't apply until after my rashes go away.

After the dermatologist finished with me, my mom and I decided to go to the mall nearby and eat dinner. Once we finished we looked around a bit, and I got attracted by this tiangge stall that had makeup palettes for sale--imagine my annoyance when I saw fake MAC products!!

My mom went to get her eyeglasses' lenses tinted, so I went and looked around. I found a shop called Joyo...at least I think. I don't remember. But I got pretty earrings! Which is weird because I never really wear earrings...

I'm turning kikay!

It's okay...it's not too late. I'm just 18 after all!

I got two nautical themed earrings, they were really cute... just 20php for a pair. Sorry for the bad quality pictures, I was too lazy to break out the DSLR for these...so I just used my laptop's webcam.

And then I got two more pairs--a classic (FAKE!) half-pearl pair for when I'm lazy to match it with my clothes, and a dainty triangle thingamajig. I didn't bother to take pictures, but they were priced at P40 a pair... not bad. It astounds me what cheap things I can find nowadays (even cheaper if I bought at Divisoria or Quiapo).

So all in all the earrings cost me P120...so I didn't feel too bad spending my money which could have gone instead to makeup.

In other news, I'm still waiting for my CS palette, which my aunt bought and sent from the US (through CS' website) last March 1-3 (I don't remember which date exactly anymore). I'm getting paranoid, since it still hasn't arrived here yet, and it's been weeks. I know I'm supposed to give an allowance of 2-3 weeks, but omg. :( This is why I don't like buying online... but I'm being tempted to buy Ellana products. At least the concealer and foundation and finishing powder. But I'd have to get a kabuki brush too.

Can I use traditional eyeshadow with mineral makeup? Or just mineral makeup with mineral makeup?

Okay, time to clean my room!


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