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Friday, March 27, 2009

I just got the most disappointing...


Never again will I get my mani/pedis done at home, I'll go to parlors if I have to. It was fine and all, but I waited two hours before I even moved, and i did some light work and the next thing I know my nails are ruined!

So I took it all off and I'm now giving myself a mani-pedi. Sigh. At least I don't have to shape my nails anymore. I also noticed--she totally made my finger bleed. :/


Clarissa (HS Batchmate) said...

This really sucks. It happened to me before... Right before our HS prom. The lady ruined my toenails. It was also bleeding and so I resorted to wearing pumps instead of the open stilettos that I bought so that I won't turn off people with my adulterated toes. LOL.

Anyway, so far The Nail Shop in Convergys Commonwealth is the best nail salon I've visited. But it pays. Haha.

Chrissy said...

Really? I've never been to any nail shops before..is it pricey there?

Clarissa said...

Well it's 350 for a standard manicure and pedicure. They use nice products. They don't make your nails orange-ish after wearing it for quite some time.

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