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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Contest Winners

I really feel sooooo bad for taking so long to post this. But I talked with Gia and promised to post it last Saturday at 6, only I got sick and had to be quarantined for a couple of days…and I guess I never got around to talking to Gia again cause I hardly saw her around and she didn’t reply to my texts. So I just got to talk to Gia now and she said that I should go ahead because she's really busy...

So, after almost a whole month of waiting, here are the contest entrants.

Crissy http://makeuppackrat.blogspot.com/

Janie http://hellobrokecollegestudent.blogspot.com/

What she used (no picture was included):
Amuse foundation
Cover Girl invisible concealer NYX
NYX oncealer
L'oreal true match
NYX liquid eye liner
Maybelline define a line
Amuse glamour eye shadow palette
Costal scent 28 neutral eyeshadow
Amuse sweetheart eyeshadow
Max Factor lash perfection mascara
L'oreal Lash out mascara
Styli-Style lip stain
NYX tinted lip spa

And finally…
It was hard for Gia and I to decide the winner—of course, after all the entries were amazing. Everyone put their own spin on the theme and all looked pretty authentic Beijing Opera makeup… We would give everyone prizes but since we can’t afford it we had to choose just one. So the winner is…


For being so creative and thinking out of the box for her inspiration. Congratulations, Sarah! I’ll e-mail you about getting prizes right after I post this.


mszcheysser said...

Congrats to the winner! ♥

Man, you been gone too long! I miss your blogs & comments. Weeeeh*

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Yay, congrats to Sara, but I don't think she'll be around for awhile. She like literally just left for her trip

Pammy said...

Welcome back! Congrats on your successful contest. I miss seeing your posts, dear. And school just started, I hope it won't keep you from posting. ^_^

Pop Champagne said...

Wow they're all great entries! Sarah is backpacking now though... So you might have a tough time getting a hold of her :S

Catherine said...

Wow, fantastic entries! Congrats to the winner!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i love sarah's look!

ever since she did the blue one, it took me ages to find one that i would copy..i evern had to ask my friend for help but i can't find one.

sarah totally deserve it!


Crissy said...


I knew she would win xD

Didn't she just leave though lol

ilee said...

hi chrissy!
you have awards in my blog! ^-^

-Yu- said...

Holy! Those entries are killers! Sara did a fantastic job! wow! i am so speechless. She certainly deserved it.

Thanks for having a fun contest! I miss your posts!

Sherry said...

hehe.. they are lovely!



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