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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mineraux Mineral Makeup

My laptop gave me the BSOD (blue screen of death) the other day. I figured it would happen soon enough since my laptop has been having trouble booting up lately anyway. So girls if I'm missing that is why. :( I have to wait for my dad to get back so he can fix it (anywhere from a week to a month or more). I'm going to do my best to keep posting anyway, but please understand that I may not be able to read everyones' blogs/comment!!

Let's see...this is a week overdue. I was lucky enough to get invited to the launch of Mineraux mineral cosmetics on May 23. This brand offers premium mineral makeup products tailored for the new Filipinas. Minéraux is dedicated to further empower women to shine inside and out.

I did a simple FOTD for that day with my Jesse's Girl bejewelled quad. I didn't even bother to use any eyeliner because my eyes were uneven (one was puffy--don't you just hate when that happens!? It's bad when both of them are puffy but when ONE is and the other one isn't..GRR!! Lol, sorry =D). Here is my FOTD:

I miss my long nails!! Anyway, for this I used MAC studiofix in NC35, Ellana finishing powder in Espresso con panna, G-lish Patrick Rosas blush, NYX round lipgloss in real nude, PAC white eyeliner, Jesse's Girl Bejewelled Quad, Maybelline Cat Eyes mascara

During the event, which was held at Barcino Wine and Tapas Bar at The Fort, the owners of the Mineraux talked about their brand. The supplies and product come from and are made in the US and in Canada, but Mineraux prides itself in being a "Pinay" brand. Mineraux was initially established in 2007.

After a while, we were served food and allowed to see what they had to offer on the makeup bar. They had available foundations (premium blend), blushes, eyeshadows, eyeliners, brushes, and bronzers. They also had mineral veils and color correctors. They will have lipsticks and lip glosses available this month (June).

The makeup bar
We were given freebies in gift bags--three full-size jars of products of our choice. My choices were foundation (warm medium tan), blush (raspberry), and neutral mineral veil. My mom was with me and she chose foundation (cool fair), eyeshadow/eyeliner (dark brown--can also be used as eyebrow powder), and let me have one of her choices, so I chose eyeshadow in soft green.

My initial thoughts on this brand are (please note that this is my opinion, and I got to play with the products for a limited amount of time only):

The packaging for me was sleek, and quite nice. The sifter in the foundation jar was good, it had big square holes so the foundation can reenter the jar and not make a mess. The only thing I don't like is that the stickers on the bottom of the jar are starting to come off.


The holes are nice and big so the powder goes back in the jar so things don't get as messy.

From what my mom and I have observed, these foundations last pretty well throughout the day. I still got oily after some time (2-3 hours), but I'm taking into consideration the fact that I'm really oily, and the heat/humidity really worsens my situation (but I should be seeing a difference in my skin after a while, since thanks to Catherine I am now trying Jojoba Oil as a moisturizer). The foundation applied nicely, and quickly, and blended perfectly into my skin (at first I thought it was either too light or too yellow but it blends perfect). The coverage was not that good, I still had to use concealer, though there was considerable concealment of my undereye circles.


This is my choice of blush from the collection because from what I saw, it was the only blush that was not very shimmery. That is one bad thing I noticed: most of Mineraux's blushes were shimmery, and that did not go well with me because I do not want to look like a disco ball!! There were only about one or two shades that weren't too shimery, or matte and this was one of them. Good thing it was a pretty shade. :) As for the staying power, well this blush faded on me after a while..around 2-3 hours the moment I got oily.

Mineral Veil

The amount they gave for this product was not very generous considering the amount of foundation they gave. But that's okay, I can repurchase because it's not very expensive (prices later). This transluscent mineral veil works really nice for me. I sometimes just put this on after I put my sunscreen on so my face will stay matte longer, and it really does do the job, although my face still got oily (as usual 2-3 hours later). It applies nicely and evenly.


On the first swipe the eyeshadow shows a decent amount of color. It is very blendable and stays well with a base. I didn't need to apply wet because even dry this shade was pretty pigmented. From what I've observed while I was playing with the others during the release event, everything is pretty pigmented. They have some matte shades and more shimmer shades, but I love a matte shade called Apricot. I wish I'd asked for it but then I wouldn't have really been able to use it. I will purchase it instead. :) All in all I think their eyeshadows are nice, I just wish they would release more shades.

These four are the only products I have really been able to try from the brand, however I will definitely try the rest when I get the chance.

Here are swatches:

1: foundation in warm medium tan, not blended
2: neutral veil, not blended
3: blush in raspberry
4: eyeshadow in soft green, several swipes
Now I would like to show you the prices for Mineraux, in peso. What is good is...the brand is so AFFORDABLE!! See for yourself below:
Now I'm sure you can ask yourself where you can buy Mineraux products. Well, for you readers who live in the Philippines, good news!! The first two Minéraux make-up corners are targeted to unveil in Power Plant Mall in July 2009 and in Glorietta Mall in August 2009.

But, of course, I'm sure some of you can't wait that long, so if you can't, then starting this June (1st week supposedly) you may purchase online from http://mineraux.com.ph/ and http://mineraux.multiply.com/. I'm not so sure how international readers may avail of the products, but I'm sure you can buy online. We'll see how things turn out!!

Swatches are available, but personally I can already see that they are not accurate. I will wait until a more accurate version comes out before I show you all.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed my post! Have a good day. :)

Project 10 pan update: Another product panned today!! Vaseline healthy sunblock. That brings my total up to 4!!


Anonymous said...

lol at blue screen of death. I am really loving my mineraux goodies as well. omg and is that a screen shot of my boob O_O (rofl) well part lang naman eh. jessie's girl is very subtle or was that of the light? it looks nice XD must try it as well XD

Ida said...

love that detailed review. i wasn't able to attend the event but they sent me the goodies by mail (foundie, blush, eyeshadow). the blush i got is very shimmery! hehe. but i like it :)

i'm inspired and i think i wanna do project 10-pan too :)

Crystal said...

i wasn't able to attend this event since i had work :( it looked like fun though!

Kaz said...

How do you get invited to these things? Super inggit that you got to get full sizes! So wanting that foundie RIGHT NOW HAHAHA.

getting it the second it hits podium / glorietta ahaha :D

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

you should do a fotd with the green! i love the simple fotd you have there now too :)

hope your computer is okay!

<3 the nails :)

fuzkittie said...

CUTE FOTD!! :D You look very fresh and professional

Fifi said...

I'd love to try Mineraux and Ellana! The goodies look so yummy! :)

hope the laptop is OK! I also hate it when that blue screen happens~ lol

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i hope you can get your laptop fixed asap
i hate it when that happens too..

you look gorgeous,sweetie!

i haven't tried that brand yet, but maybe i will


good luck with the lap top! nice swatches.

abby said...

lol i get the blue screen of death at work all the time, haha. anyhoo the simple makeup you hve on is love i like neutrals. :) and as far as the products at the event.. i would like to try those, but my face are too dry for any type of mineral makeup.. boo :(

Catmare said...

pretty fotd even without eyeliner :) thanks for posting about mineraux, I might try that sometime. =)

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