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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Sigh. I am REALLY starting to feel awful for not being able to post so much. Blame it on school and busy schedules. I'm just sneaking this post in, right now! I'm so sorry I can hardly read people's blogs anymore. My gosh, I didn't think I'd be this busy. I pride myself in rarely getting stressed due to workload, but holy wow, this year is going to shape up to be very busy. So if things do not work out I may have to take a hiatus... but I will always miss everyone on here!

I just wanna share a fab find with everybody!

Last week, I was with my parents at TriNoma, a mall nearby. They were shopping for clothes so I went off to the health/beauty area at the department store. I was about to leave when I spotted something:

I was really fortunate to see this brush hanging there on the display shelf because...

If you can't see what it says, it says P39.75. That's about... 80 US cents. Not even a dollar. This is what it looks like:

It's small, but just perfect. It's a great crease brush. Well, I use it for cut creases now.
It's really hard to find cheap brushes, especially crease brushes! Because normally cheap brushes would be normally just shaders and such.
Nicely packed, soft to the touch, picks up perfect amount of eyeshadow.

No shedding or bleeding, even after being washed.
You can find it at TriNoma Landmark Department Store, 1st floor. Near the Sally Hansen kiosk.
Try it out, you'll love it like I did. :)
Have a good weekend, girls! Now I'm off to go back to doing homework. :(


*Nehs* said...

i just bought 2 of these, last week dun. hindi tayo nagkita ah. ;) i tried it already and it's really nice! i'm glad i bought two. check out my latest haulage post.

kavukz said...

waaa..not even 1dollar?tats a must grab items then..too bad, we don hv it here..:P

Chrissy said...

Nehs, sayang di tayo nagkita! :( Aw.

Good buy no? I should have bought two. :(

Kavukz, Well to be fair you all have a lot of good buys not available where we are! I guess it's just luck sometimes. :)

Sofee said...

awesome brush!! it looks like a perfect crease brush!!

Jean said...

Ah I wish I could find a crease brush so cheap, lovely :).

Catmare said...

Awesome find! I'll be checking that out when I go to Trinoma. Thanks for sharing =)

Mary said...

That looks like a fantastic brush! I hope your pace slows down a bit and I'll look forward to your posts when you have the time :)

- - aika - - said...

gandan ng nail polish ah :D

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i have that brush too & i like it

im thinking of buying another one..maybe the next time i go to landmark

hope you'll have a nice week ahead,sis

Askmewhats said...

haha ditto to sis Aika, I saw the nail polish din! :) the color is pretty

And I think this is a very decent brush for the price :) great buy! Goodluck sa school

I Am Me said...

yay!!! i have to have one of that brush!!! grabe ang mura nyan at mukhang maganda ang quality!

*KiM* said...

thanks sis! Good find

I BLEED PINK said...

I was wondering where you were at!!

tiff said...

That brush looks great, especially for that price. I love your nail polish, it's gorgeous!

Iyah said...

the brush is too cute!! i hope you won't go on hiatus :(

Chrissy said...

@Sofee - it is kinda perfect! Except the ferrule sometimes touches my skin cause the bristles are a bit short.

@Jean - I hope you do!

@Catmare - You're welcome!

@Mary - Thanks, I hope my pace slows down too.

@Aika - Thank you sis ;)

@Thiamere - Thanks sis. :) You should get one more if you need it. I'm planning on buying extra as giveaways :D

@Askmewhats - Thank you! :) I like the nailpolish color too.

@I Am Me - definitely good quality for the price! Sometimes I think it's even underpriced!

@Kim - Thanks sis! :)

@I Bleed Pink - around, just HORRIBLY busy! :(

@Tiff - Thanks, I do agree, the color is really nice. xD

@Iyah - Thanks. And I definitely will try not to go on hiatus. :(

ilee said...

thanks for dropping by..

now i see that you're a trinoma girl ^-^
it's good that you're taking your studies seriously but i hope you'll still be around ^-^
i think i know which univ. you're in, my daughter goes there too, she's a freshman. You mentioned your course in your profile and I knew then that you have a BLUE LIFE ^-^

Go girl!!

Khymm said...

i have 2 of their eyeshadow brushes! really like it coz it doesnt shed! i want to get a crease brush! thanks sis! marami pa bang stocks?

Chrissy said...

@Ilee - sis what course is your daughter? :)

@Khymm - Replied on your blog. :)

Crystal said...

i have the L&C brush which is the same one as the sembem one. it's good nga i agree :)

ilee said...

hi chrissy! same as yours, ID, she's thinking of shifting. She said her blockmates are all expert in drawing and all she can do are stick figures, LOL!(na insecure), her design forte kasi is more on computer aided and not in freestyle drawing =)

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