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Thursday, June 18, 2009

My first ever xdeal as a MUA!

Initially I was going to wait till I got the edited pictures to do this post, but I decided I'd just post and show you all the edited pics later on (it's been almost two weeks and still no edited pics...Tamy's computer had crashed, and I'm not holding it agaisnt her cause I know how it is!).

A friend introduced me to a girl who usually modeled for photographer friends, Joyen. Long story short, Joyen eventually asked me to do makeup for her and another model for a harlequin themed photoshoot. The theme was supposed to be different but it was eventually changed due to the wardrobe availability. The photoshoot was even postponed one day because of the weather, but it eventually pushed through, which I am totally glad for!

I was initially very hesitant to do the makeup because...well, this was the inspiration that they all decided on:

I had no idea how I would manage the lips...or making the skin whiter and the eyebrows more defined. But eventually I told myself it might be best if I just gave it my best shot. After all I needed practice! Everybody does, right? :) I didn't even mind doing it for free (my mom thought I was crazy, using my products for someone else. She thought it was a 'waste'!). Well, I got a Banoffee pie in return, mmm.

So on the day itself I packed my traincase with all the stuff I thought I might need and hauled myself to the shoot site (model Ceejaye's house). Tamy (the photographer) was a bit late but I didn't mind, I just sat around, getting familiar with the people I was going to work with.

The shoot is titled Spilled Harlequin Secrets, and these are the people I worked with:

Photographer: La Tamara Lyn http://myspace.com/omfgtamaralynphotography http://modelmayhem.com/omfgtamaralyn
Models: Joyen Santos & Ceejaye Tantengco
MUA: Chriselle Sy (me! :D)
Hair: Aeya Fontanilla
Lights & Assistant for a day: SJ Manliclic

These people are amazing! They are so fun, and even if they all knew each other and I was pretty much the only new one there, they made me feel so very welcome. I felt like I was with friends while I was working with them. There was a lot of laughter (this distracted us at times so it took longer to get ready). Everyone was CRAZY! In a very very good, endearing way. I'm really glad I decided I would do the xdeal because I couldn't have had a better first MUA experience.

Let me show you pictures! All of them are courtesy of Tamy. :)

My traincase and stuff laid out for the day


I decided that to get the skin white, I would put on a pretty good amount of makeup base (I used The Face Shop professional makeup base in green) because that significantly whitened my skin before (which is why I rarely use it now) due to leaving a white cast on skin. Then I took my kabuki brush and my Elianto white e/s and got to it. The result:

Joyen white as a ghost!

Everyone else watching...L-R: Aeya, Ceejaye (behind her is Joyen and I), and SJ

LIPS! The eyebrows have also been done here. I think I did the inspiration pictures sufficient justice...

After falsies and contouring, all done!
Doing Ceejaye's lips

Joyen getting her hair done while I do Ceejaye's makeup

Aeya doing Joyen's makeup, funny how the picture was cropped lol

Cleaning up a small mascara mistake
Joyen striking a pose while I fixed Ceejaye's makeup and while Tamy played with lighting options

Ceejaye, Joyen, Aeya and me

Ceejaye, Joyen and I

Joyen and Aeya

Ceejaye after her makeup was changed for the final scene in the shoot/set

Well, that's it!! I can't wait to show you all the real pictures. I hope Tamy can upload them soon. I can't wait to see them too. I had so much fun that day! They even let me give my suggestions for some of the makeup.

Again I've missed you all, I'm so glad to be back to blogging!


- - aika - - said...

weeeeee san kayo bumili ng corset?

Dana Yoshimizu said...

omg i can't wait to see the actual photoshoot photos! You did an awesome job on the pictures!
& thanks for the nice comment :)

Jean said...

You did a great job :)

Kaz said...

yey, amazing! oh, i forgot to ask what you used for the red lips. Lipstick lang ba? But it's so creamy & nice.

i hope the edited ones come in soon!

tiff said...

I can't wait to see the photoshoot pics. You did a great job :).

Ida said...

wow that's great! and you did wonderfully. glad to see you back :)

purplesilke said...

welcome back sis!

*KiM* said...

glad you're back sis! You really did a good job. I'm proud of you

Sarah said...

wowwwww chrissy!!! you are sooo talented!!!! amazing job!

-Yu- said...

wow! amazing job! you are absolutely talented!

*Nehs* said...

glad ur back!!! u did great chrissy!!wingirro

Askmewhats said...

congrats for the shoot! :) That's a nice concept, and great work girl!

Blair said...

I bet the pictures from the photoshoot are fabulous! You did a great job, my dear!

Pop Champagne said...

wow you did a great job! You are gonna have to post the final photos for us to see cuz that is awesome! :D

Catherine said...

WOW - fantastic! Can't wait to see the shoot!! :D :D :D

Crystal said...

congrats dear! ang saya naman.

mszcheysser said...

Darn it - sorry, I didn't actually get to formally say ... WELCOME BACK! You were missed dearly! ♥

WOW, Chrissy.... those look good! EYYYYYY ;)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

great job i look the flapper style/makeup there!

Catmare said...

wow! great job!! glad you had a great time =)

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