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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Major haulage!

I know, I know. Some of you are probably thinking I've gone MIA again. But nope! Such is not the case--it's just that I'd had a rather busy week last week. I spent all day Wednesday shopping with my BFF, and then spent Wednesday night through Friday at her place. That had to be the longest sleepover I've ever been on!

I have so much to show you all! Bought on a budget of $60... I will however have to divide this post in two. One post for the makeup/nail polish, and one post for the clothes that I had bought. But all in all, I spent my money quite wisely, I do believe! I spent around $10 of my $60 on make up and nail polish.

These are the fruits of my bargain hunting: 12 nail polishes, 1 blush, 1 e/s palette and a tube of lip gloss. Yes, all of this for $10 (Php 470)!

I bought four bottles of Jocarste polish. For local readers, if you've been to Landmark TriNoma and have seen the display of Jocarste at the Shawill booth, you would know that a bottle costs around Php80 (roughly $1.30) each. Well, where I bought it, I got each at Php25 (a little over $.50)!

Here are pictures! I'll definitely be doing NOTDs and reviewing these products soon. Next time I am also going to make a better light box so I can take better pics without the crazy backgrounds. :)

And a little bonus: I'm going to a wedding on the 6th of June and I decided I NEEDED a hot pair of shoes to wear along with my pretty little dress. So here they are! Bought for Php 700 or around $15 last week (so this was on a completely different budget, not part of the $60 budget). I had a different pair of shoes in mind but I have to be mindful of my/my family's budget. Plus I love finding bargains! isn't that little bow completely cute? ^^

That's all for now. Watch out for my next post (which I promise won't take so long as this one did!

ETA: I also have a brand new Formspring! I have the widget on the LEFT sidebar of my blog, so if you feel like asking me questions...go right on ahead! ^^


jenobebs said...

those are nice colors you got for your polishes! where did you get them?

like the e/s too! pretty colors which i think matches the nail polishes! :)

Fifi said...

Oh my, lovely shoes! And for $15, you did the right thing! Hahaha :D

Catherine said...

Wowwww great job!! :D

maviclicious said...

I so love the shoes sis!!!

ChyiX2 said...

am LOVING the shoes! They're so cute :)

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