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Friday, May 21, 2010


Wow, my first outfit of the day post! Haha. I went to a surprise birthday party for one of my mom's college friends because my mom brought me along with her. It was kinda boring, of course, since I didn't really know anyone there...but hey, free food! Haha. Plus it was a chance to dress up, so I didn't mind.

Of course I just used the blue dress I used in the photos in my weight loss post, but this time I used black accents instead of red. I had nothing else to wear and we were supposed to leave at 7PM and I'd started getting ready at 6 so I was in such a huge hurry I barely even managed to straighten my hair and do my makeup.

*Little trivia about my dress: I sewed it from scratch myself!

For my FOTD I just spot concealed (because I broke out in the middle of my cycle--don't you HATE that?), used pressed powder and contoured my cheeks with bronzer and used NYX powder blush in Pinky. I filled in my brows, too, of course. For my eyes, since I had basically no time to do anything... I just put shimmery nude cream eyeshadow on my eyelids and I lined my eyes in Jordana kohl eyeliner (in blue) and of course I curled my lashes and applied mascara. I used NYX round lipstick in tea rose for my lips. All in all it was a simple, rushrushrushed FOTD.

I managed to look okay despite having just an hour to get ready...whoo!

Funny story, I woke up that morning with my left eye SWOLLEN. Like I got punched out, or bitten by a bug in my sleep. Thankfully because I put ice on it nearly all day, it went down by 6PM (I guess now you know why I only had an hour to get ready!).

I wish I could show you my shoes, but they weren't really anything new... They were the same shoes I wore in this picture.

Practically the whole time I was just sitting there looking around and trying to find someone to talk to, but yeah..nobody even remotely close to my age. Lol. Oh well, it was nice to people watch anyway.

I'll have a better post for you guys soon, I promise! :)


Jean said...

That is really impressive, I wish I could make clothes. You look lovely :). x

fuzkittie said...

That's a gorgeous blue, both liner and dress! :]

~tHiAmErE~ said...

you look great,sweetie!

you made that dress yourself...

im pretty sure you'll be able to make a lot more

have a great weekend!

Pammy said...

Looking fabulous! :P And that dress is lovely. ;)

ChyiX2 said...

You look really cute with that blue liner and dress. Also loving the bob on you, did you lose weight by any chance?

Askmewhats said...

blue eyeliner and a blue dress? Nothing to say but PERFECTION! :) love it

missKC027 said...

Hi there! Your such a pretty girl!! i just have a question are you fil chinese?? =D im following you right now, Hope you could follow me too!! =)thanks so much you inspire so many people.


Catherine said...

OMG I would never have guessed you sewed that dress! It's so cute and it looks great on you!

And eek about your eye, but glad the swelling went down!

Whitney said...

Hey hun, your last post was so inspiring!! I think you look amazing and you're shining from the inside out :)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I love how you were able to change up the outfit from red to the black :)
& I really like your makeup too!

Beautiful hun~! <3

Mz. More said...

I love that blue liner and you look so cute!

I just revamped my entire site hon, come and check it out. :)

Tina Marie said...

Aww I love the blue eyeliner. It goes perfect with your outfit. Speaking of your outfit, I love it! I'm actually very pleased that you chose to do blue eyeliner with this dress. Nicely done. (:

Chrissy said...

@Jean - I can't make my own clothes all that well yet..it's pure luck that I manage. :/

@Fuzkittie - Thank you ;)

@Thiamere - thanks, I hope you had a good weekend too sis!

@Pammy - Thank you, thank you!

@ChyiX2 - Thanks! I am loving this haircut as well, and yes I did lose weight!

@Nikki (askmewhats) - thanks sis, I was nervous it wouldn't work out but it did so I'm glad!

@misskc027 - Thank you girl! Yes I am fil chinese but more fil than chinese. Hehe.

Chrissy said...

@Catherine - Thank you so much! And yes I am so glad that the swelling in my eye went down, I was so afraid I'd look like a weirdo at the party!

@Whitney - I'm glad, thank you!

@Dana - Thank you, I do love experimenting with color. And I am certainly glad that I managed to pull off the look even if I barely had time to.

@Mz. More - I love your new site!!

@Tina - Thank you! I am glad you liked how I did my makeup. ^^

Pop Champagne said...

the blue looks really good on you! And I like how you did your hair in these pictures too. You are very talented :D

Chrissy said...

Thanks girl!

Kelsey said...

that blue eyeliner looks absolutely amazing

Anonymous said...

Hi! The blue eyeliner looks pretty on you!

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

Nice dress. that color is my fave too!

New follower


Anonymous said...

you look gorgeous! love the blue eye make up <33

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