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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Being a responsible blogger

I haven't forgotten about my blog, or blogging! And I'm happy about that. I made a commitment and I'm sticking with it. xD To show just how much I love this blog, I made a new layout for it. Yay! Bye old layout, hellooo pretty new layout. ^_^

I'm still working out the kinks but it's mostly up, and I'm happy.

New post tomorrow! How do you like my spiffy new layout? :D

ETA: The common consensus seemed to be that my font size was small, so I made it bigger. How's that?


mszcheysser said...

Hey dear :)

I am totally digging the new layout & it's good to know, that you're coming back to blogger! I miss you muchies! ♥


Crissy said...

I love green :D

izumi said...

love your new layout! only thing i have to say is that i think your fonts are kind of small :( then again i have a huuuuge screen reso..

Blair said...

I like this new layout altho the font is kinda small

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I love the new layout, especially the cute banner!! :D

Dana Yoshimizu said...

RYC - well the beach was more crowed to what I'm used to too, but I was expecting it to be WAY more crowded than what it was because last weekend was SUPER HOT in my area!

Pammy said...

ooh, the lipstick is so pretty. next buy for me. nice reco. :)

Dila said...

Really pretty post love the look :)

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