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Friday, October 23, 2009

A tip for [online] shoppers

Since my birthday is on the 8th of November, I've already been looking around for new phones to replace my old, outdated ones (I've had to use two because reception on 1 isn't very good, and battery life on the other isn't very good). And for once, I'm looking into getting something more high end. So you can understand why I might be hesitant about just going out and buying the next shiny thing that I see in a store--after all I'll still be spending my saved up money for it, I mean if my parents allow me to buy it (can't wait until I actually earn my own money to spend!).

Thankfully there are a lot of websites on the internet that help with finding products and reviews so I can't go wrong with my purchase. I have been using Pebble.com for about a week now, and it is actually a good service that allows me to ask questions about certain products and get answers from people who know more about it. For those who are in the US or are not very hesitant about buying things online, Pebble also allows you to compare prices for whatever it is you are going to purchase.

Personally, it also helps that the design of the website appeals to my designer side. Haha.

Anyway, I have found Pebble incredibly useful for looking up cosmetics/makeup products as well. There have not been a lot of questions asked about makeup on Pebble.com, but you can still compare prices.

Remember, there are categories you can click on when you scroll down the page and also, you can just ask your question and wait till you get an answer. You can ask about any product.

I hope you find this useful!


Sherry said...

thanks for the tip, my birthday too next month :)

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

hehe..looking at the moment...ty

Sarah said...

Oooh birthday girl soon, how excitingggg :)
Great site!!

Ida said...

hey advanced happy birthday! :) hehe i was supposed to check the site also but i ended up being too lazy to write a post :D

imlee said...

hey chrissy, you and my youngest soon-to-be 5yr old son shares the same birthday :)
Happy birthday!!

Catmare said...

thanks for the tip! I'm also planning to get myself a new phone this christmas. This website will def help. =)

Sugar Strip Ease said...

Ooooh this is a blessing for us shoppers. But there are also other websites on the Internet where you can find reviews. You can use Google for that. Just type in 'product name'+review and you are ready to go.

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