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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Doing makeup for someone's big day [+tutorial and haul]

Does anyone get the nervous jitters when they're asked to do makeup for someone's big day as well? My cousin Catherine asked me to do her makeup for her graduation (she's an Octoberian) last Oct 11. Of course, I said yes. How could I say no! The morning of her graduation, she showed me her dress, then we hung out for a bit before she went to get ready so I could go and do her makeup.

I have pictures of the process (ha! I didn't forget to take pics this time :D), so this could also serve as a tutorial.

Here is a before and after shot:
I think I did pretty okay!

For the eyes, I used again my Shawill palette #1, as in the photo below. The colors I used (in order) were #5, #12, and #7.

First I started by priming her eyelids. I used UDPP for this step. Then, I took a fluffy eyeshadow brush and applied color 5 to half her eyelid, from the inner corner and stopping at the middle. I went a little above her crease for this one so the pink would show just a bit when her eyes are open.

Next I took color 12 with a crease brush and applied it to her outer v. Using a fluffy blending brush, I blended it into color five on her eyelid and went a little above her crease to darken her socket.

We both decided that since it was a formal event we would lessen the amount of pink that showed so we added more of color 12 , blending over the pink.

Taking a fluffy eyeshadow brush, I applied color 7 as a highlight under the brow and on the inner corners of her eyes. Then I lined her eyes with Coastal Scents gel eyeliner.

After I curled her lashes and applied mascara, I put color 12 on her lower lashline, smudging some gel eyeliner on top. Then I put mascara on her lower lashes.

Finished look:

I don't remember what else I used on her face, but I used Shawill lipgloss for her lips (layered on top of Prestige lipstick in plum). I do know that the white cast in photos was caused by The Face Shop primer in green, but it went away after a while, thankfully!

I discovered it's really tough for me to do someone's makeup (maybe because I'm so used to putting makeup on myself. I'll get the hang of it soon enough with practice, though! :D

And yes, she did her own hair. I don't have the tools or the talent/skill to do hair, since mine is hopeless and I just always tie it up in a bun. Lol. But I'm thinking about investing in a good flat iron. Any suggestions? Not more expensive than $30-$50 I hope.

Anyway. Today was an adventure for me and my cousin Jen, we had fun just looking around and shopping for makeup! We caught wind that there would be a bazaar at Rockwell, so we went together. And true enough, there was a bazaar, but it opened at 2 pm and we were already there by 10am to avoid traffic. So we ended up taking a cab to SM Megamall (3-day sale of up to 50% off!) and wandered around in the cosmetics department. I bought a few things there, some of which I'm already loving even just now.

From L-R: Nivea lip care in cherry, Himalaya Herbals gentle face wash cream (freebie), Himalaya Herbals neem face pack (mask). The rest are freebies and a dental mirror, lol. It was going for $1 and I just had to get it.

At 1:30 PM, we went back to Rockwell (after we had lunch) to check out the bazaar. We were disappointed when we saw there was a P100 entrance fee because we didn't hear about it, but we paid and went in.

Here is the Charm brush I bought from Beauty and Minerals for 750PHP (bazaar price). I'm going to do a review on it soon.

Well, that's all for now! I'm gonna wash the hair mask out of my hair now and then try the Neem face pack. :D I'm definitely gonna review it, too. Have a good day, everyone!


Dana Yoshimizu said...

WOW! You did such an amazing job on the makeover!! ^__^ I love how you did her makeup :)

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

girl, she looks sooo pretty and you did a great job.

izumi said...

congrats to her graduating! she looks totally fab :) all thanks to you!

Closet Full of Nothing said...

Love the shimmery eyes!

Catherine said...

She looks fantastic! You did a great job Chrissy!!! :D

Sarah said...

I can't do other peoples makeup at all, I find it soooo hard!! But you have done an amazing job- she looks gorgeous!!!!!

★stillFAB. said...

You did an awesome job!!!!

Askmewhats said...

wonderful before and after shots and you're right, you didn't forget to take photos this time! the colors you used suit her :) Congratulations to your cousin for graduating!

Re: good flat iron, so far I've bought the JBL one at SM department stores? i've been using it for a year plus now and I still love it :) I think the price range..naku, I forgot but its less than 3K I think 2plus K :D

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

sana..may mga pwede din akong make upan dito samin...panget naman kung pakita ko husband ko.hehe...oohh moonlit bazaar pnta din ako dapat ala lang akong kasama.dont know the way kasi...nice charm brush chrissy ^_^ thanks for the greeting pala x0x0x.

Chrissy said...

@Dana - Thank you! I did my best. I'm glad people liked it. And especially, that she did.

@Becky - Thanks!

@Izumi - Haha, well I did my best. And she says thanks.

@Closet Full of Nothing - Thanks. I love the frost finish the eyeshadow gave.

@Cathy - Thanks :D

Chrissy said...

@Sarah - Thanks! Maybe all you need is practice? I didn't even think I could put makeup on other people until I just picked up my brushes and started doing it!

@Stillfab - Thank you :D

@Askmewhats - Thank you from me and for her! I'll definitely check out that JBL flat iron at SM dept stores once I save up enough money.

@Shobe - Thanks sis! Hehe sayang naman wala kang mapagpracticean.. dapat once mag get together ang mga blogger chicks para pwede magplay with makeup! XD


Wow! Amazing job Chriselle! She's so pretty!!! I got the jitters when I was doing make-up for my cousin's friends' prom. I had to also do all their hair hehe... I also love the pink charm brush! It looks so glossy and candy-like hehe...

Pammy said...

Chrissy, you did such a wonderful job. She looks just as pretty as her cousin. :P

DeBi said...

chrissy! you've got great hands!
been dieting to beautyness due to my pregnancy eh..heheeh

Sush said...

I think you did a good job :) I also have some difficulty doing makeup on other people so i try to grab the chance whenever I know someone who is willing HAHAHA :) btw im having a giveaway you might want to join :)

Crystal said...

ang pretty nya sis! great job!

putty said...

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