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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thank you Cheysser!

Wow, I'm so out of it! I haven't posted in a long long long long long time and I really don't even wanna know how long it's been. I kinda feel bad neglecting my blog like this, but sometimes I'm just so busy I don't even have time to think. And I should be doing homework right now (I already wasted 2 days doing nothing!), but when you're not inspired to design, you're not inspired to design. Sigh~

I'd like to thank all my new followers, by the way. Wow, I logged in and poof, I had 175! Shocking.

Moving on, I'd really like to thank Cheysser for what she sent me! If you don't remember, I won her contest (well, 2nd place) a while back. I got her prizes finally. I was so happy that I skipped school that day cause the LBC guy came...lol!

I had to retake the pictures cause I transferred the ones I took the day they came and put them on my laptop. Which broke. LOL.

Of course some of the candies she sent me got eaten already. XD

She sent me a lot of Rimmel goodies and some ELF lippies. I also got candies and a notepad, and a NYX glitter cream palette.

Swatches of the two Rimmel Eye Twist duo liners and shadows. It scares me to use it, the weather here is so hot they got kinda melty! But I guess I just gotta be careful. :) This picture is w/o flash.

With flash.

Swatches of the two single e/s she sent me, and the quad. The green single e/s cracked in shipping! :( But it's okay, I saved it. The quad wasn't very pigmented but it's okay. This image is w/o flash.

With flash!

I was so excited to get this that I totally did an FOTD with it when I went to school later on (I only skipped my first class). :D

Again, thanks so much, Cheysser!! I loved the candies you sent, too. Yummy.

Okay, I have a backlog of stuff to post about now...but this is it for now. Tomorrow is my ELF haul! :) Gosh, I missed this and I feel so behind! How is everyone?


tiff said...

I used to use those Rimmel Eye Twists as an eyeshadow base. I think I had that pink and brown one and I used the pink a lot. I noticed you hadn't blogged in a while...welcome back :D.

Chrissy said...

Yeah, I use them as an e/s base too, but over a primer since everything creases on me. Lol.

Thanks, Tiff!

Blair said...

Congrats on winning Cheysser's contest!

Sarah said...

Ohhh Missy Chrissy glad to see your back!! I only just got back into blogging a few days ago after returning home from overseas but when I checked in I saw you hadn't blogged for a while, but glad to see you have updated and that everything is okay with you :)
Congrats on the prizes, how excitinggg!! Lol I would have skipped school to wait for the postman toooo ;)

imlee said...

hi chrissy!! good to see you're back! =)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

nice prizes

everything looks so good.

its nice to see your post again,sis

Pammy said...

Those are really nice prizes! I missed reading your posts, dear. Nice to see you back. :)

By the way, I also have an award for you on my blog. :)

Pop Champagne said...

oooh elf is great!! And those are awesome prizes :) hehe I've been sort of MIA here and there too... but I'm glad that you're back!!! I do miss your make up photos!

Chrissy said...

@Blair - Thanks!

@Sarah - Omg, glad you're back! I missed you, totally. I hope all is well! Also, sent you an e-mail. :)

@Imlee - THanks sis!

@Thiamere - Hey sis, kamusta na? :)

@Pammy - Thanks for the award sis, and I'll really try to stay consistent with my posts this time.

@PopChampagne - I seriously love the ELF bronzer! And aw, I missed reading your blog too. Now if only I had time for the rest of my life to just keep blogging!

Shen said...

ooohh! the cream would really come inhandy as base. :) love the gifts you got. :) yey for generous bloggers. :)

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