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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Wow, I've been MIA again for a while...gosh. It's been hard to sneak in some time to post. D:

Geesh, I feel awful. Oh well, that's how it is!

I've been busy with school and all, and I have stuff to do (at least this one will pay!), but yeah...been completely ignoring stuff lately. :( Also, it's been hard for me to get to my stuff because my external hard drive is on the fritz, and all my blog stuff is on there. Grrr.

Okay, so! First things first.
A reader e-mailed me some time back. I promised Denise that I would post about this. Denise is a makeup artist who is also a rep for a high-end brand, Motives. I haven't tried anything or bought anything from the site, so if you decide to try it be careful, etc etc. :) From what I've seen, the products look really interesting, though. Just wish there was more colors to choose from!

To all my new followers (and to all my old ones), thank you so much for following my blog! :) I hope you enjoy reading.

And now for the tags:
MakeupJunkee tagged me to for "6 things that make you happy". I'm sorry but I'll be boring and post this without pics. :/

So! What makes me happy? :)
1) It may be sad, but the Internet makes me all sorts of happy. I like that I meet loads of people on it and make lots of new friends. Also, it's such a huge source of information, I can practically learn about anything I want to by just reading up on it! It's greattt. No wonder I've been hooked on it since I was 8! Oh dear, 10 years. LOL. Back then dial-up was so expensive, too...

2) Music makes me happy, too. I like listening to music, and I'll listen to anything once. I mostly like rock though, but I branch out if I like the song/artist. I love that music lets me express how I feel (I love singing :) I wish I could get back into it!), even just by listening to it. And that it's totally something that I can relate to. Don't you love curling up in bed with a cup of hot choco on rainy days, listening to your fave songs on your iPod/mp3 player/computer? Okay, I'll be honest--I don't drink hot choco nor do I curl up in bed on rainy days--I'm too busy staring out the window. I love rain!

3) Family and friends make me happy. If you notice, I put them under 1 item, and I did that because I consider all my friends family, too. I love my family, and my friends, they just make my life so much easier and whole. (Please pray for my mom, she needs a hysterectomy in the near future for Myoma.)

4) I love my hobbies. I can be under a lot of stress but my hobbies make it a lot easier on me. When I can't deal with something anymore, I watch TV or a movie for a bit (yes I do consider them habits), or I sew, or knit... Or, I play with makeup! ;) Hobbies are great stress busters, don't you agree?

5) Makeup! Do I really need to say any more?

6) Food also makes me happy. Even if it also makes me sad sometimes (eek, I've been piling on the pounds lately!).

For "6 things that make you happy", I tag everyone who hasn't done this yet. Since I haven't been around lately, I don't know who's done it and who hasn't. :(

This next tag came from Maya. The rules are:

1. Open your first photo folder.
2. Scroll down to the tenth photo.
3. Post that photo on your blog and tell us the story behind it...
4. Tag 5 or more (or less) other people to do the same!

Okay, I'll be cheating a little since my laptop is in the shop and my external hard drive is broken. I'll get the photo from my photobucket account.

This is a picture of my college best friend, Sam. This was taken for a project I did for one of my Fine Arts classes. She was supposed to be a marionette, like a doll, but I guess I didn't manage to pull that off all too well. I did her makeup, her hair, and made the pinafore she was wearing (too bad it doesn't really show in the picture). I also took the photo (sorry for the fake eyebrows, eh. meant to do them better in photoshop but ran out of time...yes she does have eyebrows LOL I just erased them for this photo). The theme was the 7 deadly sins...this one was gluttony. Sam loves wafers. :3
Okay, I taggggg...everyone who hasn't done this. >>
I guess that's all for now! My skin is looking great recently, I hope it continues... if it does then I'm totally making like a giddy post about it or something. XD This is the best my skin's been in years! Still oily, but a lot better.
Okay, I'm off to do homework and stuff~!


Catherine said...

Hey! Haven't seen you in forever. =) Hope you're taking time out for yourself and good luck with classes, etc and your external hard drive. =)

Blair said...

Take care sweetie, hope you find the time to blog soon! =D

imlee said...

hey chrissy!! it's been a while. I miss your blogs =)

take care now!

maya said...

Cool pic! :)

Valz said...

lol, pic is cool!

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