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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First day of my last year of school...

First day of school... I'm in my senior year at college. At last! It's been a long journey getting here... now I just hope I can do my best so that I can graduate on time (I'll be 20. Gosh!).

Because it was the start of a new semester and I pretty much had just gone through a complete image change, I wanted to look pretty and fresh without my makeup being overbearing. So all I put on was loose powder, blush, eyeshadow/liner and mascara. I also filled in my brows. I just used a tinted lip balm for my lips.

There's a closeup of my eyes.

So far my first day of school was great, except for when I got home. it started raining REALLY REALLY hard, and it was so windy... I got stranded at a place near where I live, standing under a shop's canopy while holding onto my umbrella since the wind blew the rainwater everywhre anyway. Lightning kept striking and we even saw it hit the ground on a road nearby. It started flooding soon and something really gross happened--all the RATS and ROACHES ran out of the sewers and towards us! It was a horror show. What a way to end my first day. I had my mom pick me up then, and luckily she came before it got too flooded (it was ankle deep when she arrived).

But oh well, at least I got awesome professors in two of my subjects. I can't say the same thing about the other subject I had today, one of my profs is supposed to be a terror...and she admitted to it too. Oh gosh. T-T

That's all for today loves, I'll be back with a more substantial post soon!


Pammy said...

What a way to start your last year in college. You can do it! :P

CoLine said...

Good thing your mom was able to pick you up before it flooded. The rats and roaches really grossed me out and imagine the smell..ewwwiiieee!

anyway, this is your last year in college, study hard but do not forget to have fun =) Hugs to you!♥

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

omg i'm glad u got home safe.

by the way, this is such a pretty look :) and i hope u have a great senior year!

April said...

Oh WOW...

and that is such a pretty and simple look.

Enjoy your last year.

DeBi said...

Go for it!!!
Enjoy it...its different outside..LOL

congrats in advance!

ChyiX2 said...

Holy... I'm a lot older than you and I still have a year left of college. Now I feel so old -_-;

The raining sounds awful, reminds me of raining season in Taiwan and Japan.

MizzJ said...

Gross!! Omg I would've freaked out if that happened to me! Love the FOTD, it's very pretty and natural.

Jennifer said...

Hi :) i'm a new follower of yours <3
love your EOTD!

btw feel free to join my giveaway too!

Anonymous said...

Wow ! Nice Posting.

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