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Thursday, February 4, 2010


This was today's FOTD. Something really simple cause I was in a hurry and only really had like 30 minutes to do everything.

Products used:
FACE Neutrogena moisturizer with SPF 15 (I was in hurry and didn't want to bother with moisturizer + sun block), Maybelline Clear Smooth powder
CHEEKS Ellana mineral blush in Lust (not very visible in the photo, huh), Physician's Formula pearls of perfection for contouring
EYES Art Deco eyeshadow base, PAC palette, Dollface 28 neutral palette, Maybelline eye studio pencil eyeliner in black, Maybelline Volum Express Cat Eyes Mascara
LIPS Revlon Colorstay in Unlimited Mulberry

I did my eyes simply because anything more attention grabbing and I would look kinda weird (since I was just wearing a t-shirt + jeans to class today).

And here's my NOTW:

As you can see (or maybe not) it was already chipping. It's not that shiny anymore, either..my fault because I got too lazy to put a top coat on after I put the glitter layer on. I'm changing it soon, anyway, because Valentine's (or, to some of us, Single's Awareness Day) is near...so is Chinese New Year's. Hmm... no I have to decide which theme to follow when I paint my nails this weekend.

The base polish I used for my NOTW this week is really nice though. It's this pearlescent white that turns orange-y/pinkish when light hits it.

Anyway, I have more posts coming up soon! My dad just got back from the US and he brought some stuff home from me, so you'll hear about that sometime. Also, I think by the end of February I can finally do a before/after shot (of my weight loss journey). I started on Dec. 11 and so far I've lost almost 15 lbs. Just 5-10lbs to go (I'm not sure where I'm stopping because I want to see how I look like at that weight before I decide. LOL)!


Jean said...

The makeup looks gorgeous and natural :). x

Askmewhats said...

your makeup looks fabulous! your first photo is gorgeous! pang profile pix mare! :) love the nails too, very girlY!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

you look simply gorgeous!
simple yet alluring

more stuff to come!
how fun

ganda naman ng nails..
girl na girl..

have a great day,sissy

Golden said...

Hi there dearie. I love your FOTD. It looks so chic.

Lots of love,

Blogger said...

I have to say that you look amazingly GORGEOUS!!! Love your eyes...

just to let you know, I finally convinced myself and went to consult a dermatologist today~

- - aika - - said...

LOVE IT you look gorgeous!

Chrissy said...

@Jean - thanks! It was what I was going for.

@Askmewhats - Thank you! I'm redoing my nails tonight though. Maybe I'll do a tutorial! :D

@Thiamere - Thanks sis!! *hugs*

@Golden - Chic? Awesome. Thanks :D

@Blogger - Thank you. Glad you finally brought yourself to a dermatologist! Tell us how it goes!

@Aika - Thanks! :D

Jules said...

Pretty fresh face! =D I absolutely love your nail design.

Au said...

pretty eye makeup ^_^

oh wow 15lbs! will be waiting for your weight loss post =)

Catherine said...

Pretty fresh makeup! I love it! And duuuude, I've missed seeing your NOTDs! This one is so pretty but I can't wait to see what you come up with next! :D

Rian said...

Hey! Fellow BFA ID Junior here lol, I'm from the other block. 8D Just commenting to say I like your FOTD! Really nice everyday look! 8DD

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